Roadmap meeting scheduling

Do we have feedback/votes from others here regarding a time, or am I the only person who isn’t available at 10 AM on Friday? If it’s the latter, I really don’t want to hold processes up at this crucial time. In any event, I can relay my concerns ahead of the meeting.

Tagging @brndnkng, @sganesh, and @Hakanto here. If there are any other folks who plan on attending Friday, please feel free to leave a comment + feedback.

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I will try to be there no matter what time personally, I’ll make space for it. 10am is 4pm in France so it leaves quite some margin if we need to find another time either before or after.

I’ll be available at 10 AM Friday! Working extra in the evening so probably out from 2 PM-11 PM EST so don’t let me be the hold up if a later time is better!

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A poll (or just somebody picking a time for the Tuesday meeting) would be quite helpful.

I’ll be there. I’m free anytime. I’d rather set time for a second meeting later Friday (and attend both) then not have a session at the time we announced and published at the AGM.

Updated below. (edit - @rich)

Ah I’m guessin CET people are underrepresented and I don’t want to move the whole meeting just for me because I think having ‘s input is more crucial to our work but if that’s doable I’d love a workable time frame for us Europeans. (but as I said, I agree’ s disponibilities shiuld drive the time frame so I’m ok uf that’s the easiest for him).

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This seems to be the preferred option. has confirmed via text that he could be available for a session starting Tuesday 2022-01-11T08:00:00Z.

That’s 9am CET. 4PM Perth. @angus does that time work for you?

Is that time right? :eyes: I’d love to facilitate this session like this last roadmap session but that time is intense. I know finding a time is tough but since operations is one of the focuses of the call, I gotta be there

Second best option

@angus, is also available at the alternative we discussed 2022-01-12T02:00:00Z, but that would seem to be a problem for our European friends.

(I’m fine with odd hours. )

I’m fine with either of the times @richjensen proposed for that day.


@richjensen @Hakanto @melis_tailored @Hakanto definitely appreciate ya’ll trying to accomodate timezones, but from many years of experience nothing but late in the night for GMT +8 will work without excluding a number of people (which is why I’m moving to the UK in February). Also want to make sure Jarred (in NYC) can make it.

2022-01-11T15:00:00Z or 1 hr later is the only time that will work for all timezones. Does that fit with your schedules?

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I can personally try for 11 AM.

@angus I read here as saying the times you offered will not work for his participation. Is it possible we could work with one of the two times previously suggested, more or less?

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I understand, however 2022-01-11T08:00:00Z is 3am EST time which means people in the U.S. won’t be able to make it, and 2022-01-12T02:00:00Z is similarly unfeasible for the UK and Europe, both of which would exclude a significant portion of the potential attendees.

Just adding a suggestion here for an alternative way to organise this, and to highlight an offer of help with running it. See this post:

The separate ‘table’ sessions could still use the simple consensus tools.

please don’t worry about uk/eu - there will be a further meeting on friday where we follow up for eu/us.

@hakanto will likely lead this next meeting & agenda was set at the last - to contine the work.

so again, i ask, what time can & @angus make for the meeting on tuesday. does the suggested work or only 11am est?

was this time pinned down?

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@sganesh We’ll be rescheduling for a later day. Proved difficult to find a time on this day, eh?

Shooting for friday. Exec team will open up new threads tomorrow for the upcoming roadmap sessions. Closing this thread for now so we keep those future convos organized.


An update:

Exec Team shifted focus this week to hiring a new Platform Lead who will facilitate development over the next 2 months and help build a roadmap tied to funding goals. Our hope is that they’ll be working with us as soon as next week and we’ll have roadmap meetings then.

Understandably, the scheduling for the next meetings is dependent on their availability. I’ll keep y’all posted. Thanks to @llk for reaching out for an update.