Roadmap session 3: "Where are we?"

When joining a call, there are sometimes problems using Chrome. Try Safari, Firefox, or another browser.

At roadmap session 3, we’ll get organized. Join @workers for a focused conversation to clarify the status of our #current-projects, #completed-projects and how they overlap with each other.

If we have extra time, we’ll discuss building a common project organization language for the co-op.


When joining a call, there are sometimes problems using Chrome. Try Safari, Firefox, Edge.

Welcome @mimunton. This was an interesting meeting, touching on key elements in regard to the co-op’s current "user → governance → codebase → user → " cycle.

It might be of interest in any reflections re: co-op community processes.

The meeting was recorded and notes were captured. Watch this space for an update when published.

Excellent, thanks Rich!

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@Nick_M Thanks for sharing your planning materials today. I’ve created a new guide in the Handbook with links to some of the materials you shared. Please edit to add current versions of materials and notes explaining inaccuracies in the outdated materials.

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@Nick_M At the session today you pitched a categorization of Resonate’s product areas. Most of the areas you pitched seem to align with the current subcategories in the Platform area of the forum.

Player = Player
Website = Website
Community Forum = Forum
Accounting/Back Office = Payments and Accounting
Catalogue Management = Dashboard
ID and Access Management = Users and Identity

  1. Are there any key differences between the names you used and these areas? If we sync up and use the same names, is there a good case for one vs the other?

  2. Do these names align with those in your dev plan document? If not, would it be difficult to update them?

It’s easy to change the names of them, but maybe we are short of a few areas in Platform? The list we made there was ‘expedient’ I think, mainly focused on the urgent stuff we could see at that point. Happy to change to them in the spreadsheet, but remember that in the ‘big’ map of those Resonate areas there are some further areas unexplored, or that we have not mentioned yet:

Example 1:
The term ‘Back office’ is maybe a bit broader than (sales) accounting… also the way we pay artists, record worker assignments, do task/time recording, planning and budgeting and so on. We’ll use ‘standard’ products for a lot of that… crazy to redevelop things that aren’t core to our purpose… but we need to decide how we will use them and how they will integrate… or we will suffer pain that distracts us. Statistics (for EVERYONE) is a huge part of this and I can assure you it is painful, but vital.

Example 2:
‘Dashboard’ seems a little narrow when we know that the whole of Catalogue management, front end UI and back end tracks, metadata management and bulk uploading are all ‘to do’ areas, with a big set of user stories and a whole world of pain for the current uploading crew, and for keen new labels and artists.

Restating a comment from the session:

Perhaps materials such as these represent an additional product area, perhaps related to Ecosystem Support?

This product is how the Dev functions of the co-op make themselves available and transparent to the rest of the community (internally and externally).


Was the recording captured?

Disappointed to learn that none of our recordings seem to be available, not this roadmap session or the past #community-assemblies. I’m confused by this because I was quite confident I used the settings correctly.

So we’re back to using OBS and then sending recordings to Vimeo for now. Alternatively (or as a supplement), we could do audio recordings and then upload them here to the forum.

I can’t recall seeing the recording button pressed / flashing in the session?.. but if it was, remember it can take several hours to get a big recording processed and available. Also be aware that today the DE servers for are down for maintenance/upgrading and the archives won’t be back up for a bit. Contact them on their forum. They are very helpful.

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Good idea, Nick. I recently joined the Discourse Meta forum to get answers there. Now off to the forum as well! :sunrise:

I have doubts about the recording, since I recorded the community assemblies the same way months ago and those videos aren’t available either. Time to investigate.

Definitely got the button pressed during the call.

Yeah, I think ALL the archives were out for a while… have another look…

Maintenance completed - recovering recordings

by David Jacovkis

Dear members,

we completed our planned maintenance, your recordings will be restored in the coming hours.

Best regards,
The Tech Circle

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I’ll let it be known for myself that I’m not comfortable with video recording of me being shared, personally. Don’t mind audio.

Saying this because “record” was hit during today’s call while I had video on (was just turning it on for the intro), and there was no notice given to those on the call that this would be happening beforehand.

@Hakanto @Nick_M @richjensen


Glad you raised this so we could discuss it at the session.

Following up from the group’s convo, the call has been video recorded but we will not be sharing audio. I will separate out the audio and share it, or get someone from the call to help with that.