Roadmap sessions 1 & 2

The code for today’s roadmap meeting 16:00 CET is

Suggested agenda for today’s meeting -

Strategy -
Designation of different areas of the roadmap - eg
platform/ product development
co-op/ governance
customer service & communication
music and content

Ideas -
collective patronage, audio content, intercooperative vision, community credentials etc.
artist habitat - aka artistspace - the space resonate occupies and will occupy in the music platform/distribution/independent space in the coming years.
digital dignity
longterm stewardship - exit to community

Features and requirements -
platform - artist uploader, bulk uploader, reporting, artist dashboard, payments, payment options, downloads, tokens, wallet integration
community - customer service team, artist team, industry team,
legal - merlin

Designating leads -

Milestones - key dates
Organisation of EPICS, fundraising, communication etc.


Sorry I missed this. LMK when the next one is and if you need any input in the meantime from the previous platform development plan and estimates.

(Meantime most of the relevant material over here, in this post under Finance, Fundraising:

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Following up here with the notes of the first exploratory meeting.

Attending were myself, @LLK @Sam_Martyn @richjensen @brndnkng @Hakanto @angus

The next steps - we will create a form to invite feedback and comment from co-op members and the wider artist community, this will be shared asap. That will form a period of consultation until early January, when the next meeting will take place.

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Was the plan for the next meeting to be this Friday? I haven’t seen follow up posts in the forum or publicizing about it on socials – at this point, I’d expect turnout to be low. Do we feel we have enough time to get the participation we were hoping for?

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Planned to publicise today with an event and on socials. also inviting participation and feedback via the form for those who cannot attend the meeting.

This is the second meeting, the third was planned for the following week. So there are more ops to join.


At the AGM we announced that there would be a meeting 2022-01-07T15:00:00Z and also next Tuesday. @melis_tailored do you have a preferred time for next week’s meeting?

happy to be guided by the members. i believe we wanted to offer it in an alternative timeslot to friday, to allow different timezone participation.

Does that mean a reasonable time for Europe or Asia? (Not sure we are going to get member feedback.) I was looking to you since you pitched the meeting. Do you want to be there? Early evening in Western Australia, for example would be about 2022-01-11T09:00:00Z (6pm in Tokyo)

Now that everyone has the ability to create forum events, let’s all commit to making calendar events for gatherings, especially public ones.

Without a calendar event, no one can RSVP – and the dates and times can easily be lost in a thread. It took me multiple readings to understand that the meeting was scheduled for Friday at 9:00 AM CST – it seemed to still be up in the air at a quick reading.

I’m happy to meet with anyone who wants to learn more about:

  • creating forum topics
  • calendar events
  • inviting usergroups to events
  • using markdown to style the post’s information and headers
  • adding a table of contents to your post

For comparison: 🌎 Community Assembly 2 | October 16th

Can I modify the original roadmap post to include the friday meeting event @Hakanto ? i’ll give it a go now. No, i can’t :slight_smile:

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Hit the three dot menu and then pencil/edit icon under your first post. :pencil2:

Make sure the codeblock for the event is it’s own paragraph, otherwise it won’t render.

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There is a bug with the Calendar plugin. Adjusted settings and all’s well now.

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thank you so much!


perhaps this is a forum question but since I probably can’t make it to these meetings, how do I advocate for the supported proposals we discussed and refined previously? For example:

[user] Databot: Automated monthly general usage stats and membership reminder

[listener] allow user to make favorites public / private


Good question. I’ve been thinking we could do Worker Assemblies every 1-2 months which would be times to take #supported-proposals and organize them into projects/epics.

Alternating between Community Assemblies as places to raise proposals, and then Worker Assemblies as places to launch projects seems a really natural rhythm. Or at minimum, the schedule would guarantee a place to bring ideas and not have them get lost in the aether.

What do you think about that, @boopboop?

i also want to advocate to whatever has to be done to fix this issue (can’t log in without waiting 60 seconds and not knowing why):

which was also what brought me to the forum.


I am fine with the rhythm, but it seems like the purpose of any roadmap is to prioritize those items that end up on the roadmap. I’m bringing up the #supported-proposals so that they actually happen, or if the exec board determines they don’t like a supported proposal, then it changes state to “rejected” or something so that they doesn’t just sit there.


For those who cannot make today’s meeting, you can add to the process with the Resonate Roadmap Survey, where we are gathering additional information and feedback for the process.


running 10 or so min late but will be present!