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As a user, I want to be able to search by:

  • user group display name (can be user [people], artist, label)
  • genre tag
  • track group title (can be release, playlist)
  • track title

As a user using Search on the Player, I want to be able to filter out artist and label accounts that have not uploaded music yet.

Then I want to be presented with a list of all results or grouped results by:

artists: click on result item => profile page
album: click on result item => album page
labels: click on result item => profile page
people (user with a public user group profile): click on result item => profile page
playlists: click on result item => playlist page
countries: click on result item => country page

tracks design updated - AlexC

When performing a search that includes both artist name and track/release name, sometimes yields no results. For example:

search: “shadow anatu”
[No results]

We need to allow for this, as it is common behavior to search for both the artist name and release/track name in the same search: “beacon tess roby”.

Curiously, “beacon tess roby” just worked:

however “beacon tess” did not:

@auggod: “This can probably be fixed by adjusting Elasticsearch setup. It would be great to find someone (volunteer) with Elasticsearch skills.”

auggod: “Search can be more integrated with the browse page too. An example of browse page I like is the one from Ampled:
Ampled | Direct Community Support For Music Artists

As noted by @boopboop from coffee quest explorations, when a user searches the catalog by country (leading a search with “country:”), the results will include artist and label accounts that have not uploaded music yet.

@auggod: "results gets downgraded if there are no music to listen to anyway but are still shown

if someone has upload music it will be shown first

unfortunately, right now even if results for country:x have no music to play they get a pretty high score"

I’ve added to this search story: “As a user using Search on the Player, I want to be able to filter out artist and label accounts that have not uploaded music yet.”

Just to be 100%, the way most people would get to the country would be to click on the country name on the artist profile. For testing it’s easier to modify the URL but probably wouldn’t be considered normal user behavior.

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@Hakanto - don’t want to do scope creep (maybe Country detail page should be new story??), but I notice no Country page in your list of landing pages, even though in the player as it exists now there’s a Country landing page (artist page > click on country > land on country page).

Bringing this up since the monthly activity of making the staff playlist highlighting artists from a variety of regions requires being able to put the artists into regional buckets, and country is the only region we have available.

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Oooo good catch! I added it to this story for now rather than a new one, just to keep the info in one place. I don’t see it as scope creep (as I understand the term) because many of these stories in the forum are about collectively refining our hopes and dreams for the player, not what we’re committing to build right away.

As we refine our development processes, I see us cutting up these big grab-bag stories into smaller stories we can commit to Epics. I’m still new to Agile terminology (although I’ve been studying) – if you ever have any suggestions for how to improve our processes and organization, I’m into it!

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OK I get it. I thought this was a story that was getting committed to soon.

I’ve opened the search bar and clicked one of the default tags (I tapped punk) in this case. How do the search results assist in achieving the goals presented to the group every month to provide a list of (tracks from) regionally diverse artists?

They don’t, you have to click on each track and check the artist page and keep a tally of who is where.

some solutions (just making stuff up here, not tied to any one)

Development solutions:

  • add country filter to the sidebar / UI someplace (maybe in the dropdown that appears with the search)
  • add a little country badge to the album art
  • add country ‘special sauce’ to results (cons: it’s opaque and defining it is a pain, pros: it’s magic)

Non-development solutions:

  • monthly run a report to find underrepresented regions and present tracks from these regions to the community
  • monthly run a report to find underrepresented regions, find the tags most associated with those regions, and present those tracks to the community

Other motivations for bringing this up:

  • Weapons of Math Destruction
  • Trying to apply the concept of “building quality in” with regards to the items listed on the draft manifesto.
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