Setting a time for a conversational Assembly

Scheduled meetings:

We’ll meet here: Conversational Assembly Meeting 2022-12-02T15:00:00Z2022-12-02T16:30:00Z

Old coordination:

Please fill out this availability survey to mark when you’re around so we can get as many of us together as we can: :spiral_calendar: General Assembly Availability When2Meet (NOTE: distinct from the Annual General Meeting)

There’s a lot going on at Resonate this year, and it’s been discussed that it would be good to also have a get-together before this year’s Annual General Meeting takes place, so that we can collectively talk and unpack the discussion points, propositions, and proposals with as many people involved with the co-op as we can: Digital Zion Proposition, Proposals - Resonate Community Forum, 2022 AGM - Resonate Community Forum (so we can then vote and collectively decide at the Annual General Meeting).


Just want to clarify that this is for a meeting even before the annual general meeting?


Yes exactly. And thank you for asking this question (the way Discourse automatically bolds links makes it difficult to make this as clear as it could be). I’ve made the above topic a Wiki so folks with edit permissions can improve any of the above language/formatting.


I don’t believe two GMS before the end of the year is feasible. An alternative would be to have an assembly to discuss various matters leading up to the AGM.

Each GM requires an announcement going out two weeks in advance, and voting generally stays open for a week after. If we were to try to have two non-overlapping GMs before the end of this year, the latest schedule would be like this (and would barge into peak holiday time)

Nov 26 - GM 1 announcement
Dec 10 - GM 1
Dec 10-17 - GM 1 voting in forum
Dec 17 - GM 2 announcement
Dec 31 - GM 2
Dec 31- Jan 7 - GM 2 voting in forum

The outcome of the GM1’s votes would be published the same time GM2 announcement is supposed to go out, with no time for follow-up resolutions to be organized.

I say we have a lead-up assembly and spread the news well for it, and use it as a time to refine resolutions for a sole AGM.


Looks like we’ve got some clear favorites for this

Between Friday and Saturday morning I’d pick Saturday morning. Realistically I feel like a 10am or 11:00 am seems most inclusive? Does that sound good to folks?


10:00 am CST (11am EST) on Saturday (12/3) works for me!


The 3rd is pretty bad for me caus I’ll be traveling visiting a friend. I can do it if nothing else works but it will be a major bummer to put my friend on hold.

I’d prefer the window in the afternoon on Mon Nov 28th that appears to work for a lot of people. I’ll see what thoughts other have on this


Friday is always better for me, but since I can’t be sure of my planning for the entire week, I’ll just try to go with what’s better for everyone.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I (and others from the 400M side) would like to be a part of this call, but my own schedule is already packed and does not open (for a moment) until that Saturday (December 3rd) in the afternoon (not morning; the later the better). I am also over capacity and working with a large amount of people at once between many organizations right now, and want folks to be aware of this in case I struggle to show up on whatever date is chosen.

Also wanted to give folks a heads up that I’m going to be publishing some rather lengthy/expansive reflections and suggestions based upon discussions (both public and private) had by folks in the co-op the other week (hopefully by the end of today).

I would, ideally, love for people to actually have an opportunity to spend time with (and try to internalize) what I’m putting forward before we go into both this conversational assembly and the AGM. A part of what I’ll be presenting is an invitation for folks to partake in a social (trust-building) exercise, and so I also think it could open up conversations that can be organically incorporated into the agenda of this conversational assembly (no pressure on this, though; just suggestions, and folks can obviously do a temperature check on it).


@brndnkng @Hakanto @piper @psi @LLK @ode12

I’m also seeing 6/7 of us saying yes to 2022-11-29T00:30:00Z
I’m of a mind that two conversations are better than one.

By claiming convo time Monday and Friday (when LLK prefers) perhaps we set a space that all that have indicated their interest might participate? If these are the times identified, I will look forward to contributing to both sessions.

Others would of course be welcome too…

I can say, for sure, that I will be in a recording for a new episode of this show I’m on at the date and time listed here (November 28th, 8 PM, EST). And I am unable to move anything around, unfortunately.

Obviously not trying to dissuade folks from meeting at this date and time; just want folks to be aware! :pray:t4:


FWIW, I have corrected the time above to 5pm EST. The post was initially three hours later than the time indicated by the poll. I’ll be looking forward to joining any cooperators available at that time for conversation.

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One of these times is tonight at 2022-11-28T22:00:00Z or 2022-11-29T00:30:00Z. I think it should be at 7.30 ET so that @remst8 can at least attend one of the sessions. Can someone throw up a call link? @Hakanto maybe?

And then the other time is Friday in the AM. 2022-12-02T15:00:00Z Can someone set up a call in link for this too?


Is this suitable?


I’ve added Jitsi Meet to the top topic. That’s a good suggestion @richjensen (that feels more inviting than the old link that’s been used for other meetings in the past, it was “resonateworkers”).

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I’d like to keep the principle of Progressive Stack handy in case there is some scarcity of time and space for speakers at any of these prep sessions.

Can I check that the second assembly is taking place on Friday? It’s 11pm for me, but I’d still like to join.

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I won’t be able to make it, had something come up

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Dang @psi. Been missing you in recent weeks. Was looking forward to connecting with you and folx today. Hope your day ends easy.

It looks like there wasn’t a designated owner for this activity.

I got to this space late but have updated the calendar based on what had been shared in other channels.

Even small modest spaces for collective conversation seem valuable to me as we approach AGM so I will be present and constructive in this space for the next 80 minutes.

Anyone welcome to come through.

Hi Rich, something came up and it looks like I won’t be able to attend.

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