Setting up Mattermost for work contributors

@auggod has set up a Mattermost for work contributors!

However, there is some outstanding work to make it usable. We need a push notifications service set up for the Mattermost. Without this, no one will know of each other’s messages… and that’s not particularly useful…

If anyone is available to assist @auggod in this work or take it on themselves, we’d have no roadblocks to making the move! :slight_smile:

A unified place for realtime comms is a missing piece of the Trinity of Digital Comms Tools @workers here need for collaboration and community.

Mattermost would allow more channels of conversation, leading to better communication for working groups – and a lighter atmosphere as well. What do you think, y’all?

  • Let’s set up a workers’ chat on Mattermost
  • Continue to use Telegram and Signal

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Am I correct that this Mattermost instance will provide end-to-end encryption?

For what it’s worth, I think we use the TPNS settings at work, and that seems to work good enough, despite it not being “production ready”.


@richjensen Here’s some info I found on that:

Either way, the data would be self-hosted on our own servers. I assume that, without encryption, it would be as safe as our servers are?

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@psi Any downsides security-wise or otherwise you can think of from using the TPNS service?

I guess the main security implication is that we probably shouldn’t rely on the test push notifications for making sure that someone sees something critical, like if things are down or broken. There’s software specifically for that that we should probably look into.

Other than that I’m not sure, to be honest.

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If TPNS is good enough for your workplace, I feel confident it would be good enough for our current needs! And seems easy to try out regardless – doesn’t look like it would take much more than for @auggod to flip a switch in the settings.

We could then test it out and see what we’re workin with. I support trying it out!

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