[Share iFrame] Expected next steps after user listens to track

I’m trying out adding the share iframe. I notice that once my 45 seconds are up, there appears a “You are Previewing Resonate” prompt. I can’t scroll down to see the rest of it, and clicking anywhere else but the X to dismiss the prompt seems to do nothing.

After clicking the X on the “Resonate” prompt (different track):

There’s not much the user can do after listening to the sample.

Would it be possible to do something like

  • Add link to the track on Resonate (“Listen on Resonate”) - there’s the resonate icon up top but it’s like 4 clicks and a copy+paste to find the track after clicking on the link to the homepage
  • Allow user to authenticate and listen to the entire track
  • Prompt user to become a member

Update: Here’s the example from SoundCloud:

upon clicking the heart:


This is good feedback. Moving this to #platform:player for @Hakanto to triage.

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@angus here’s my use case FYI https://resotrack.herokuapp.com/

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