Sharing playlists & albums

I’m sharing some links to music on Resonate, and what my friends who aren’t members yet see is:

  • grayed out player with two separate beg boxes: the person I’m sharing to must click “don’t allow” and “deny all” (or their choice) before seeing the player UI. If they press “allow” they are rewarded with a third modal box they have to click-through before using the player.
  • 45-second song clips with “Log in to listen to full song” text, which isn’t a link to login.

Defer data collection, provide an immediately usable player

For users who navigate directly to a deep-linked album or track (so, a link somebody shared with them) can resonate defer asking about data collection (& just not collect any data yet) until they navigate somewhere else, at which point you can ask?

Add sign-up flow to player UI

In the “Log in to listen to full song” CTA, it would be nice to make “Log in” a link to login, and extend it with another link to “sign up” so that it looks like “Log in or sign up to play full songs.”

Share with gift credit

When I share a playlist, album or track, can I set aside a set amount of credit for my recipient to use to play the music? If they already have an account, the credit gets added to their balance; if they sign-up, it gets added to the “on the house” initial balance; if they play enough streams to exhaust the gift credits without signing up, then they’d revert to the 45-second clips.