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Hi folks,

@melis_tailored is working on some messages for the coming Resonate’s renewal campaign: MESSAGING FOR RESONATE - Google Tabellen (work in progress).

She asked me to design some social media templates to easily create images from these messages.
So I started a file where each tab from the spreadsheet correspond to one page: GENERAL, RENEWAL, STREAM 2 OWN and MANIFESTO.

Each image is declined in dark and light, and sometimes I tested different layout options: with or without image / title / text and different font sizes.


It’s not finished, but we think it’s enough to share it here and collect some feedbacks about the content and the design, before finalising all the messages and create all the images. Here is some exports from the GENERAL page:

Happy new year :confetti_ball:



FYI there was some interest from some Japanese-language twitter accounts to translate these items into Japanese. It would be ideal to invite them to review these if possible (however that works).


Translating all of these in Japanese or any other language is a great idea, but we need to validate all the messages in English first! Maybe we can discuss this during today’s Roadmap meetings?


@brndnkng bump


Added “open source” to twitter profile copy per @rsolva. (Used to be there :melting_face:)

Revised Twitter Profile copy to read “Join us to build…”
Replacing “We’re building…”

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