Social Media Cooker 🥣 [Social Media Response Generation]

Social Media Cooker // Social Media Response Generation

this topic in our forum is dedicated to supporting the people managing our social media handles and offers space for those individuals to share questions that may come up on facebook, twitter and instagram, that they, as an individual may not feel comfortable answering.

this space is to pose those question within this topic in that our community can support with responses and resources. the hope is to share the labor and to also offer a layer of accountability in that our public messaging and response to people interested is accurate and on message.

definitely reply in this thread with questions that may come up while managing the socials and those in the resonate community viewing this and have responses, answers, further resources, that could support, please feel free to share.


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i’ll kick it off

could someone create a meme/update this graphic with Resonate’s stats?

this was found via T-Pain’s twitter page and is one of the questions a board member brought to our attention that we haven’t had the capacity to deal with. we’ve given direct responses to this “9 streams to make $1”(correct?) but i don’t believe i’ve come across a graphic/meme with it all laid out, which would be really helpful sharing out broadly via social media.

any support with this would be much appreciated


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I can jump on this as long as its not too time sensitive? I might be able to make something. I am not graphic design oriented but as long as I have the correct information? I can try to make it look nice too if there are any digital assets I might get my hands on like resonate logos and such?

How’s this? I’m not graphic design person, but hopefully this helps???
Streams to $1 Infographic.pdf (280.9 KB)
(PS) I’ve never tried to upload a visual to here in the forum, forgive me if I’ve bungled it.

That’s a dishonest message, I don’t like it. S2O is a complicated monetization model that can’t be trivially compared to other platforms “payout per stream” model. To say, in a comparison with other streaming services, “nine streams to make a dollar on Resonate” would only be true if everybody played every song through to the end of their stream2own progression and then never played it again. That’s nonsensical.

Averaging over the nine S2O plays would give artists 0.114 credits per play; but if the average number of S2O user-plays per track is only eight, the average artist payout drops by half to 0.056 credits per play, and it continues halving from there as the number of average S2O users-plays per track drops.

And that’s not all, because we also have non-S2O plays to consider: streams of tracks a user already “owns.” If a user plays one track 9 times, that gives the artist 0.114 credits per play. But if they play that track twice a day every day for a year, now the payout for that track averages to 0.0014 credits per play, less than what you charge for the first exploratory S2O play.

Do you share data on Resonate’s usage patterns with the community? If so, what is the average number of users-plays per track? What is the actual average artist payout in credits per stream on Resonate? Do you have the data to say definitively?

I like the stream2own concept & think the “actually own music again” message is excellent, but I think dishonest comparisons to other platforms will backfire. You should be real about the complexity of the S2O model and the actual payout artists are seeing.


Thank you @Nick_M! So if I’m reading these numbers right it looks like we’re at ~72 plays to make $1 in December 2021 (“we pay a typical $0.0138 per play”; 1/0.0138≈72.4) versus the 2021 best of 26 plays to make $1, recorded in August.

These are good numbers, although the population size is small. They could improve or degrade sometimes depending on many factors, one of which is scale, so if Resonate starts ramping up usage we could see significant swings.

Maybe it would be smart to establish some accounting practices for reporting Resonate numbers externally in comparisons. Maybe set a minimum number of plays, and a minimum total artist payout, for which the numbers “count” for reporting (eg artists net <$10,000 in a month, does that month really count when the behavior of a small number of listeners swings things so much?)


I find it interesting that, to go back to the board above, this sets us in the realm of Tidal payouts. Because then that means in terms of offer that’s who we have to beat and we currently can’t compete, especially if we don’t have the upper hand in terms of artist payouts (believe them or not, I’d personally take their average numbers with a big spoon of salt), basically all we have that’s better is we’re a coop (it’s great though).

But then again, I agree right now our stats are not representative of much so it’s hard to base any hard evidence on those numbers. They’re just an interesting if limited indicator of where we are at best compared to our claims.


I think the numbers are the hard facts - it’s not an unrepresentative sample, they are all the numbers. But it’s a complex system, and risky to extrapolate from them.

It would help if we did more listener research and audience segmentation, asking open questions about listening patterns, problems and expectations. Numbers and projections from that would provide a more reliable model. Our growth forecasts so far have been based on crude aggregate assumptions.

As everyone can see, we need far more listeners and more listening to make this a financially worthwhile platform for artists to join.

Of course that will be helped if artists bring their listeners with them, and growth hacking of this sort will take patience and time.

In the meantime we need resources to finish the dev and testing work on the back end infrastructure and checkout, connect the new look apps to it, upgrade the accounting (and stats!) and be ready to grow and flourish.

Of course money isn’t everything: it’s only an enabling part of an overall social, creative, cooperative community mission.

And btw there are other differentiating things we can highlight in the comparison with Tidal: 1. transparency
2. the fact that we will never (I hope) become a vehicle for the propagation of some extractive payment rail

(Apologies for off-topic mini rant there :grin:)


Coming out of 2022-05-25T07:00:00Z fund-raising session, members working through challenge of locating Resonate graphics for promoting Membership Drive.

Resources located in Figma environment here.

Members encountered learning curve that prevented intuitive export of files for meme-building and posting to social media.

With these challenges in mind the following work was described and assigned:

@Sam_Martyn will export copies of figma files to a shared open access sub-directory on the Resonate google drive.

There is a desire and a need to coordinate social media work.

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Copy of Figma Graphics has started to be loaded into the Social Media Folder. I say started because other than the “General” Tab on Figma, the other 3 tabs had red grids over each graphic that prevented some graphics from rendering properly. Not sure how to fix this @Timothee, but at least we have the “General” graphics for now.

Hi Sam,

The red grids are simply the Layout Grids from Figma, you can toggle it by going to View > Layouts Grid (Shift + G) in the app menu. The grid isn’t visible when you export the frames.

I needed to restore a previous version of the file because all frames were upside down after some changes you did Sam… I don’t know what you did exactly but please try to not break anything. The only thing you have to do is:

  • Select a page from the left panel (GENERAL, RENEWAL, STREAM 2 OWN, MANIFESTO)
  • Select one or several frame(s) on the page
  • Click on the Export button on the very bottom of the right panel

Let me know if you need help on the file for editing some content or anything, you can use the Comments tool (C) for that if you want.
Have a nice week.


Hey Timothe,

Thank you for letting me know about the layout grids.

I am sorry that you had to restore a previous version of the file. I don’t remember making any additional changes after the first corrections you made a few months ago, but I will make sure to come to you from now on before looking into anything on that Figma page.

Although I believe I followed the exact export instructions that you stated, I do remember seeing that my export button at the bottom right said, “export as layers,” so perhaps this is why certain images aren’t exporting correctly for me, not because of the red layout grids.

Either way, our social media/membership drive team is looking to start sharing some of your awesome graphics on the Resonate social pages, as well as with others who want to help spread the word about the membership drive, so would you be able to help us export all of your graphic files for us to share?

I was looking to put the following file types for each graphic into the respective folder:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG
  • PDF

Although all of these file types would give us the most flexibility in the types of graphic files we have available to share with others, I know this might be a little bit of overkill, so if it’s too much work/would take up too much storage space, then just an export of the PNG file type for each graphic should be great!

Once exported, could you please add all of the graphic files to their respective folders within this main “Social Media” folder (Social Media – Google Drive).

I started to try and do this with the “General” tab, so feel free to fill in the setup I started with as a reference, but you can definitely replace any graphics that are there with your latest versions.

Lastly, all of this brought to our attention at last week’s fundraising/membership drive session that since working inside figma is a bit confusing for some of the people working on this membership drive initiative, would we maybe be able to make any future comments/suggestions for edits about the files by commenting on the file itself within the newly created Google Drive folder, instead of figma?

We are just trying to find a bit better system moving forward so that

A. Our team doesn’t accidentally mess up any of your awesome graphic design work.

B. You can still use the software that you prefer.

C. Our team has an easier way to suggest edits and potentially make quick edits to things that need to be taken care of on short notice so that you don’t have to be the only person who has to make all of the changes/is theoretically the only person with editing privileges (because of some of our team’s inexperience with Figma).

Let us know what will work best for everyone moving forward (@richjensen, @brndnkng, @ode12, @Timothee,), and I am looking forward to working with you all to help bring in more Resonate members and spreading the word about all of the awesome things Resonate has been working on!

Thank you,
– Sam Martyn

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I just uploaded all the images in the Social Media Google Drive folder.

For social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) , PNG is the most appropriate file type.

If you prefere commenting directly on Google Drive, let’s try this workflow — simply do not forget to mention me with my account.


Great, thank you so much!

That sounds like a good plan.

I can’t foresee us having too many changes at this point, but we can definitely mention you in the comments if we do.

Have a great rest of the week!


peace everyone (@ode12 @Sam_Martyn @richjensen ),

here’s a link to notes from the chat of our meeting earlier today!

let me know if you have any trouble accessing

peace good people,

as we’re beginning our membership drive, we could definitely use support if anyone here is interested and has capacity. is this persyn you?

if so, please PM (private message) me @brndnkng and I’ll follow up with you on how to get tapped in.

:point_up_2:t5: @richjensen @melis_tailored @Hakanto @nati @sganesh @community @piper @CritCity @LLK @KallieMarie @Dfrelly @ode12 @Sam_Martyn

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I wish I could donate more help, but my housing situation is unresolved and I was laid off one of my main gigs this week. I want to help, but I need more help than I can give right now, and wish I was in a better to place to support more.
I hope that the membership drive is a success.