🚨 Social Media Wizards Needed / Crowd-Funding Support Needed

calling all social media/communications wizards to assemble!

peace resonate crew,

my name is brandon and i’m the @community team lead for resonate coop. i’m reaching out because we need support with social media communications for our crowdfunding campaign and beyond.

one thing that’s really helpful when doing these types of campaigns is to have consistent activity on our socials. meaning not only messaging around our crowdfunding campaign, but also messaging around our platform and service, creating a narrative for people to follow and engaging with those online spaces keen on activity that intersects with what we’re building. (there’s a lot of language that’s already been generated, and we also have some graphics and templates that can be used.)

i’d like to assemble a team (at least 5 people) to support us holding this down the aspect. (consistent and scheduled posting to socials divided out amongst a team of people)

you’re interested in volunteering, please reply to this post and i’ll follow up. you can also direct message / dm me

but yeah, we’ve also been having ongoing weekly meetings to touch base on some of these aspects. pls do tap in if you can make time…
see below

Community Team Meetings

Fundraising Team Meetings

experience is not necessary but highly recommended. people who are motivated and passionate about engaging social media is ultimately who we’re looking for.

is that persyn you??


Hey @brndnkng, I would like to see Resonate having a presence in the Fediverse, and I think starting out with a Mastodon account would be great. I would also suggest that https://social.coop is the right instance (server) to make an account at – seems like a good fit :wink:

I would gladly volunteer to see this happen, so please tell me what I can do to help. A few quick thoughts.

  • Most tweets could be posted simultaneously to Mastodon (by hand, as passive cross-posting is not popular).
  • Several people connected to Resonate should have access to the account and help out answering questions that no doubt will be raised. Being present and responsive is important and will probably make a big difference in onboarding new listeners and / or members.
  • Mastodon has a handy account verification system: by placing a link somewhere on the resonate.is frontpage (i.e. in the footer) to the mastodon account, it will give the account a “verified” status.

The fediverse has a large value-overlap with Resonate and I think we can excite a lot of people to join as listeners / members (and contributing artists!) by emphasizing what I perceive to be the core values at Resonate [1]; collaborative community, fairness, open source code – and a love not only for music, but for the artists making it.

[1] having known about Resonate for less than 48 hours.


Joining social.coop would make valuable connections with open-source aficionados on the fediverse and also with other co-ops, particularly platform co-ops. I’m already a social.coop member; it’s quite a nice place :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


this is totally in the opposite direction than the previous replies, but what about LinkedIn?
There are a ton of people in the Agile trainer community that would love the idea of Resonate (whether they would like the real thing, depends on individual), they just don’t know it exists.


update: just checking in https://www.linkedin.com/company/resonate-co-op/

its pretty blank, but there are 231 followers:


i think LinkedIn makes sense for a lot of the reasons you mentioned and also think makes sense to update our page w/ fresh info.

not sure who holds the keys, but definitely something we should look into.

thanks for mentioning this!


I’m happy to help with socials in any ways needed! Proficient in all major platforms.


welcome @Dfrelly!

i’m @brndnkng and i’m the community team lead for our cooperative.
it’s great to hear that you have proficiency and are willing to help with socials!

we’re having a Community Team Meeting later today 2022-03-03T16:00:00Z2022-03-03T17:00:00Z where it’d be a nice place to meet our team and see our work flow.

i’ll provide information below

we’ll be discussing socials, fundraising and the minimal mobile app that was developed by someone in our volunteer development community (@piper :metal:t5:) less than two weeks ago! there’s lots of activity on socials right now with the bandcamp acquisition. might be a good time to welcome people to join us in collectively building our platform and cooperative, including offering improvements to the mobile device.

no worries if you can’t make it today, i’m aware this is extremely short notice.

please send a direct message to @melis_tailored and i and we’ll work out having a more focused meeting on social media support.

again, welcome to resonate!

thank you for expressing interest in supporting. looking forward to connecting :pray:t5::sparkles:

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hey, i’m a digital marketing manager for a eco-friendly bee removal company and would love to help out!


Hey y’all,

I’m a generalist in a bunch of design areas (motion, brand, identity, etc.) - want to offer up some late-night/weekend hours wherever needed.



Thank you for being here, @rorororo. :seedling:


just bumping this discussion point - masto users (specifically this post) seem to be tagging this account: BirdsiteLIVE - User which seems to be not working


@boopboop how do we fix this?

i’m not on mastodon

Is there any interest in hosting a Mastodon instance? I’d help with such an effort but couldn’t be a technical lead. (At least not initially).

Recently stepped up my activation in this space. Full of cooperators…


Somewhere between us being on a rando server and self-hosting would be for Resonate to have their account be on Social.coop. Being on that server would mean that Resonate’s messages would get high visibility among other co-ops and advocates on Social.coop – and it would save us the logisitical energy that self-hosting would demand. Our membership would also support Social.coop’s mission.


It is interesting to consider the opportunities. Many co-operators work from a great variety of instances.

If the co-op provided a server perhaps accounts could be offfered as a perk of membership?


Sounds like a lot of work to me and I’m more into @Hakanto 's proposition for now because it just seems more coherent with the overall structure of Mastodon and how to channel it into a useful space for us for now at least. I don’t think our current status warrants to think about things like creating our own server, distributing memberships etc. It all seems good in the abstract or long term with a large user base but with our little current community, something more straightforward that allows us to interract with other co-ops in the space feels more aligned with our immediate goals.


Sorry if my reply is a bit ignorant since I’ve been popping in and out of this thread and merely skimming posts, but do we have a Mastodon account now that I should also be posting content to when I create a social post for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.?

If so, would someone be able to DM me the login info so I can also post on their while I work to make some posts from THIS BOARD in the coming weeks?

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Hi there – is this still relevant? I just joined resonate as a listener – because I’m very interested in cooperatives and I’m motivated to invest my time to help wherever I can. I’m a conceptual artist from Germany – simonfreund.xyz – but I have been running my own fashion brand for almost eight years, so I have lots of experience in building a brand, getting “customers” and making your voice heard. So, please let me know if there’s anything I can help with and I will try to do my best… Have a nice Sunday and please get in touch, so I can start helping out : ) Simon


Hey Simon, welcome! Things are a bit in flux right now, but we’d love to have you. As far as I can tell, we don’t have anything that resembles a content plan but feel free to propose something and we can support you in whatever way you need.