Songs titled wrong

Is there a way to report that songs have the wrong title? Besides posting here, of course.

The specific example I found is songs 2 and 3 on this album:

Posting here in the Help Desk should work just fine, and you can mention @upcoord to alert those of us volunteering as Upload Coordinators.

Sending an email to should work, too.

Ideally, the artist or their label should report the problem since they have ownership/authority over how they want the work to be presented on Resonate. That said, I think listener-reported problems can be accepted if:

  1. We have a way to reasonably verify the error.
  2. We have the means to correct the error.

Otherwise, I would recommend the Upload Coordinator contact the artist/label before taking any action.

I welcome feedback/guidance/opinions from others on the above.

For this particular release, when I compare the Resonate version to the Bandcamp version, it appears the audio for tracks 2 & 3 are correct, but the titles are swapped between them. Do you agree, @boisdevache?

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Yes, I agree that the song titles being swapped is the problem on that release.

This suggested process sounds good to me.

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Okay, I have corrected the song titles for tracks 2 & 3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!