Special Resolution D: Correction

Special Resolution D.

That the sub-clause referenced in Clause 26 be corrected to read:
“vi. If the situation in clause 26.(v)…”

That the sub-clauses referenced in Clause 27 be corrected to read:
“v. Clauses 27(i)-(iv) do not apply to Founder Shareholders.
vi. Clauses 27(i)-(iv) do not take effect until after the first AGM and until the Cooperative has more than 5000 members.
vii. The Board may suspend the requirements at Clauses 27(i)-(iv) by a unanimous Board resolution, for the maximum of two consecutive General Meetings at a time.”
That the sub-paragraph referencing in Clause 31 be corrected.
That the sub-paragraph reference in Clause 38 (iv) and (xii) be corrected.
That the sub-paragraph referencing in Clause 53 be corrected.

Resonate Rulebook

Well everyone, if you ever read our Rulebook, you might have noticed that somewhere along the way to getting some changes approved way back in 2018, some paragraph numbering errors crept in. Because Rulebooks are (rightly) an important thing, under public governance of our registered jurisdiction (Ireland - RFS - Register of Friendly Societies) we have to make sure we get members’ approval at an AGM for every change, even these small edits.