Story field on Release Page does not respect carriage returns/newlines in About field

I have recently begun uploading releases, so apologies if this is already a known issue.

I have noticed that some artists use carriage returns in the “Liner Notes / Description / Story” portion of their metadata spreadsheet to create paragraph separation for their text.

When I paste that text into the “About” field of the “Create new release” page, it looks like the carriage returns/newlines are preserved and I see the expected paragraph separation. However, when I review the information on the Release page, the Story field renders all the text as a single paragraph.

If I click on the “Edit release info” button, the text in the “About” field still has the desired paragraph separation.

Note: I’m wary of copying from one application and pasting into another, so I use a plain text editor as my copy buffer: Copy from metadata spreadsheet, paste into plain text editor, copy plain text from there, then paste into the web form. I don’t know if that could be causing problems, but since the text I paste in has the expected paragraph separation I assumed all was well.


I was about to bring up the same thing. This seems important to me, especially since some artists craft these descriptions with a very personal writing/formatting style, which is lost when posted.


For reference, this (from the upload form):

…becomes this (from the release page):

issue created:


Well done, y’all. Please continue the discussion/work on github. Closing the topic to minimize duplication.

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