Story Team is back with the weekly meeting

Story team returns from this week. We would like to trail a later time…
8pm CET/ 7pm BST/ noon PST

@richjensen @brndnkng @terry @kavan @sganesh @nati

@Nick_M I hope you can join us this week to discuss the latest grant action.

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I’ll be about 5 mins late.

no problem

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about Stay Fair Play Fair last night. On media content and campaigning, the team have some partner co-operative content on their blog… see this example.

First step is that draft joint press release, but after that we could do with mutual content cross posting for each coop for each community.

It’s interesting that FairBnB seem to be using some professional content creation to help out

Thank you @Nick_M

I have briefly had conversations this morning with Clean Scene - the idea being that they build into their existing recommendations for clean green behaviour in the music industry to include something as simple as information for industry about fairbnb and ethical travel/touring accomodation.

And I saw this tweet from Berlin club commission - saying that they are planning a whole discussion on the topic of empty space usage etc.

Both could be interesting directions for providing test cases for the grant - I can think of so many… But will wait for the lead from fairbnb and our meeting.

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Here’s a rough draft of that press release… deliberately kept very open on the uses. Please feel free to polish up the language / brand content / messaging … everything really :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks @Nick_M

Heads up - the topic of this weeks Story Team will be “fundraising”.

Hope to see you there on Wednesday.


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Great! If it helps, here is some previous material on the topic of fundraising which might be useful??

Board resolution I proposed on funding (and was approved early in 2020):

An FAQ based on typical conversations with candidate venture capital funders and ‘angels’:

A Development funding proposal example targeted at ‘angel investor’ please note - commercial confidential content.


And it should go without saying that our monitoring of incoming funds, wherever they come from, needs to be established as a reliable operating procedure, especially for the big ones. Little donations can be anonymous, but for the big ones, anything over say €100 we should have outreach and PERSONALLY THANK the people who contribute hundreds, occasionally thousands in supporter shares or ‘anonymous’ donations.



I’m a little behind with putting together the promised document overview for fundraising. I will deliver it early next week.

Next wednesday, I’m not going to be able to make story team (parents evening commitment), so please let me know any objections to taking a week off.

Have a lovely weekend,

Here is another report on European public funding opportunities, written especially for us (at no charge) by Econet:


Story team will be back next week - 8th September at 8pm CET.

Thank you!

Story team will now rotate bi-weekly with the Comms team meeting.

So the next story team is next Wednesday 8pm CET.

I’ll work out the calendar eventually…


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I tried to fix the calendar but I can not make it function properly. (I create an event for tomorrow but don’t see it on the Calendar).

I may have made things worse (more confusing: adding new info into the old info in the first post at the top of the thread).

welcome to my world @richjensen i hate this bloody calendar. i have nothing showing in my calendar at all for story team…

anyhoooooooo - story team is back tonight 8pm CET
@richjensen @kavan @brndnkng @terry @sganesh would love to see you there!



I fixed the event for y’all. The issue in the OP is that the event code needs to be on a new line to display correctly. If it’s added on the same line as other text, it won’t display right.

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@Hakanto What is ‘OP’?

Oh sorry, OP = “original post” – slang for the first post in a thread

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Will we have some time today to discuss the purpose and methods of the Story Team?

Also, I have some thoughts about the public (and internal) facing representation of the “relaunch” process.
tl;dr… :

I suggest we replace ‘Relaunch’ with ‘Renewal’… as in:
renewed engagement
refreshed view
return to essence
renew your Membership!

A ‘relaunch’ draws focus on a single moment or event… the launch pad 5…4…3…2…1… blast-off!

In fact, I suggest we are more accurately approaching the end of 2021 (the beginning of 2022) as a period of renewal that is interdisciplinary, pluralistic and continuous…

Another advantage to considering this a focused period of intentional renewal: success is in the dedication and commitment of attention… if dedicated, then failure is impossible…

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I like “renewal” as well. Healthier atmosphere in my mind, like spring returning after winter.