System for volunteer (and creator) feedback loops

Been working on this in my head for a while now. Years ago I put a survey in the Listener profile, asking if members had any unique talents to offer. Was quite surprised at how many visual and multimedia artists responded.

Eventually the idea formed… what if Resonate was a community for creative collaboration? Where you found people to create with, then posted those new works for sale with s2o credits?

Since this idea hit, the NFT phenomenon exploded. While I’m critical of NFTs on a number of fronts, the idea of collectibles (and especially the kind that unlock access to something else) being offered and owned via the Co-op Passport feels really compelling.

While this idea was percolating, something else was stirring… that in order to reach a really diverse spectrum of music communities, the people from those communities should be the ones doing outreach. (This is the inverse of an org like Spotify which advertises via self-promotion/brand positioning over the artists themselves.) How does that look? Quite similar to the notion of creatives collaborating to produce new artistic works. And so this results in…



If anyone is interested in working on this, I see the next steps as… revising/perfecting the concept, then getting a budget together to implement this and initiate a fundraising campaign for it.

This last point is tricky as it needs to be positioned in a way that doesn’t detract from the core fundraising efforts, although I think one thing the board/community really needs to do is create a better system for having unique fundraising goals and campaigns, so people can contribute to the projects they’re most passionate about.

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parallel to the thread from here, if a visual artist could out together 1 - 3 inspiration screens for a mobile player app it might be helpful as inspo for someone interested in building a mobile micro-player


This is a great draft that generally maps to some of my personal energies and goals for the year. I’ll be interested to put further attention to it.

Gradient of involvement / interests is very helpful.

Other favorites:

Re: NFTs

Re: Communities

Ninety-nine percent of the people Resonate will touch just want a service that works. They really don’t want to look under the hood. They have other lives. They don’t have time for it.

Of course, Resonate is special because of the heightened intention to balance autonomy with democracy and community at every power level. However, a significant measure of its grace is in how elegantly it disappears and opens the depth and impact of the listening experience.


Really interesting work here, @peter! Do you have any thoughts on how worker membership would fit into this model?

What would a contributor in this model need to do to become a worker-member?

In Rulebook terms, where would “qualifying contributions” fit in?

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The idea is to have a structural process that allows open collaboration – and here’s the critical bit – without asking for permission. Because we simply can’t manage a hundred creative volunteers in any kind of top down model. So this leads to:

  1. a set of rules about how to collaborate and create
  2. a set of rules for how those contributions* are rewarded

*in the Feedback Loops model I was focused on creative works, but the processes in #2 would be the same for any other type of worker/volunteer contribution… someone puts work in, is verified at having truly contributed the time, then is rewarded via shares for the contribution.

So that’s one aspect of the system to be developed… how contributions are recorded and acknowledged and rewarded.

Does that answer your question?


something that seem missing is there’s no “community calendar”. If someone wants to learn more by listening on an existing group working on something resonate-related, there’s no way to find out what that is.

There’s no “projects” page to even learn more about what the projects are. Perhaps that could be where people land after they click on a “start here”? @Hakanto