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Very surprised with the album Hors Normes from Hervè Monier. It is a rich and diverse musical work containing instrumentation and rhythms from various South American regions, but also from other parts of the world, and even a track (Si Tienes Sed) that could perfectly be part of a western movie soundtrack. Listening to it was very fun!



There’s a section in our press kit for videos and their descriptions. We need to check that we have the right promotional metadata / hashtags / keywords and other trickery set to get these noticed on the big platforms so that we get listeners and new members coming our way.

We have a YouTube channel…

Thanks to Rich:

Thanks to Terry:

Feel free to create more videos everyone!

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DayKoda - Life Goes On (feat. Filippo Casati)
this song rules

:wave: Hey all, my name is Meg and I am from the UK. I found Resonate through reading a few articles about ethical music consumption and decided to give it a try, it has only been a few days, but I am already really enjoying it!

My background is in graphic and web design and I am currently a masters student studying entrepreneurship for creative practice, specialising in social enterprise.

I really look forward to evolving into this community, sharing ideas and making connections. :smile:


Welcome Meg! It’s great you decided to join the community!

Every Wednesday there’s a Community Call where members and guests are welcome to participate. It is a nice opportunity to meet other members!


Future Modern hipped me to this:


Also… writing

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I’ve been following Resonate’s journey for a long time now, but never knew quite how to join the communal effort to include myself in this battle. I’m very glad this space exists to do just that now. my personnal project is called “MOWUKIS”, it’s a solo endeavor with a few collabs here and there but mostly I record, write and produce from start to finish. I hope I’ll be able to bring some things to this community and I’ll start by reading as much as I can. I’m not much of a coder so my input will probably be much more politically inclined and from a user experience point of view (since I try to be a user of Resonate).

Anyway, thanks to you all !


Ital Tek - Glokk

Hello, friends. I’ve been using resonate since about January. I really like it both as a service and just conceptually. Its one of many changes I’ve made in my digital life since seeing The Great Hack on Netflix about a year ago (ironically kind of the video parallel to Spotify).

I’m laying down a little log on the fire here to get more active in the community.

Hope everybody is well.


Dan! Thanks for checking in! Please be sure to check out the Community Credentials project we’ve started building with grant awards from EU-based Self-Sovereign-Identity funds. With decentralized architectures we can build digital communities on platforms that can’t be leveraged against users. We think it is fundamental to expressing co-operative values in digital spaces and the best path to building supportive networks around artists based on trust.

Anyway, welcome. Please keep posting. Speak up where you see the community could be doing better.


MOWUKIS @LLK - Asking For Some More
Been listening to this song on repeat for days. I love the lush percussion and vast textures throughout, which gives the song an entrancing bubbliness amidst the dense and tangled atmosphere. The song swells and slows during its first half, as if it is catching its breath – struggling to push forward. After a final reflection, the disparate elements unite with determination and you are drawn in deep with them. Hypnotizing.


Good stuff.


Thanks a lot for listening to it, sharing it, and commenting on it with so much heart and insight :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone. Thanks for inviting me into the community. Its a pleasure to be here. My name is Vano. I’m a Brooklyn based producer, mainly working in realms of experimental / glitch / bass music under the project named Sonic Junkie. I’ve stumbled upon Resonate few months back and was mind blown by the idea. I’m still figuring out how things work here and how i can contribute in helping this amazing idea flourish. I look forward to meeting you all. Thanks for having me


Hello, I just posted an intro on another thread so hi again and happy to throw another log on the fire. Thanks Hakanto and Rich and Nick for all you are doing for Resonate. My music is indie folk ala my queen Joni Mitchell and my other queen Shawn Colvin. I just finished a new song that I need to upload…next on the to do list. . But I want to share the video that was just put up on YouTube. Part of the Solution https://youtu.be/1KUcUtDD4Jk
Cheers, Tami


Hello everyone!
I am very happy to be part of this beautiful community.
I think Resonate is a really nice project and I intend to participate in it.
I live in Italy, near Rome and I am an experimental electronic composer and producer.
My first track will be uploaded on November 4th. If you have curiosity please ask, anyway we’ll talk soon! :smiley:


Anyone know any bossa nova or jazz artists here on Resonate? Looking for nice music to mellow with while working on the November Newsletter.

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