The Former Resonate Manifesto (Replaced by a vote of Members Jan 3, 2022)

Streaming has brought about a massive paradigm shift in music.

We think it’s time for another.

1 The music industry is dysfunctional. Power has become consolidated in the hands of a small number of technology companies and dominant major labels.

2 We need a system built on fairness, transparency and cooperation.

3 Music is art, not content.

4 Artists will be able to build sustainable careers on their own terms.

5 Everyone will own their platform, own their data, and own their network.

6 Co-ops are the future of an equitable internet. Technology should benefit all involved, not just a handful of shareholders.

7 Privacy, inclusivity and ethics are not afterthoughts. They must be built by design, and considered from the get-go.

8 Culture > Profit. Value can’t be reduced to numbers, follower counts or other metrics.

9 Active engagement in culture will be incentivized over passive consumption.


Replaced: Ordinary Resolution F: Adopt revised Resonate Manifesto