The Great Hack: Netflix Documentary

I watched this on Netflix last night. Really remarkable expression of our political conditions under the present dominant data paradigm. Amazing, intimate portraits of personalities at the intersection of Cambridge Analytica / Facebook / Trump / Brexit, etc.

Brittany Kaiser, oh my!

There is much to be said about it. While watching, I definitely felt a desire to put the products of my attention to work in a fair-minded community realm like Resonate.

Has anybody else seen it?

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Tempted to renew our Netflix subscription just so I can watch this. I’ve heard so much about it and am equally intrigued and terrified.

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I have the good fortune of a subscription I can ‘borrow’.

The ethical implications of where we put our personal resources (our attention, money, and by default: data) can turn into a seemingly infinite recursive puzzle, if we let it. :slight_smile: