Transfer credits

As a user, I want to be able to transfer/send credits from my account to another account.

Notes from @Nick_M from Mar18.2020:

We have talked a couple of times about 1: need to have a user account and login api that enables us to migrate from WordPress and 2: desirability of having transferable credits for gifting purposes… this sort of thing has been done many times before, and there are open source examples in GO / Postgres, like this repo from some pals at the Open Credit Network… maybe parts of this are interesting? Could add a credits given and credits received figure on the mvp page above… click on them to get a transaction list, conversions from artist income could be an example of a transaction type.

Also the OCN web app helps to visualise what a mutual exchange system might look like for Resonate artists / users - try it… but think ‘Artist’ instead of ‘Business’ Transfers are normally part of a transaction of some kind… this code should support the concept of that exchange, as well as a simple ‘gift’ transaction?

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