Transition between Epics; payment priorities

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The end of the current Epic has introduced some new things to discuss.

We do not yet have a way to process payments via the user signup process hosted on the new ID server. Since new listener members are required to pay a 5€ fee in order to become members, we can’t take on any new listener members til a payment processing solution is implemented.

Being in a state where we are unable to accept new listener members seems like a pretty terrible spot to be in. There may be a quick and dirty solution that could carry us over for a couple months while we work on a Player+Website Epic, however now could also be a good time to addressing payment processing issues and refine our profile management interface and pages.

We need to refine a bit the user signup flow and user guidance on the ID server. I think a good solution would be to move the user guides (previously pages on wordpress) to a dedicated forum category and to make that category public so that anyone could visit it. A side benefit is that these pages would be convenient for Services workers to keep updated.

In short, I’m pitching moving the user guide pages (e.g. “how to upload music”) to the forum rather than putting them on the new marketing website.

This would also be a good opportunity to open up a dedicated category or two on the forum to non-members, especially artists who have just set up accounts and are looking for information and help from resonate workers.

Alright, there’s what’s on my mind! Let me know what y’all think. Angus and I will be meeting in an hour and we’ll explore these ideas then as well.


Meeting notes

Potential “quick fixes” for payments issue:

  • Use stripe API on new ID server form

Relaunch envisioning

Enough pieces are in place to set dates and stick to them. Build on sense of momentum.

  • take ID server and User API live, using stripe api
  • payments improvement
  • taking forum public
  • new marketing website
  • newsletter, new narrative
  • new player
  • development management is more mature
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