Translating Resonate website

@kritzkom @TheAstorian @Timothee @auggod @Hakanto, myself, and anyone who wants to join, could this be the first Resonate Internationalization & Localization team?

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There seem to be enough french people already on the team, but if there’s some work and way to get involved, I can definitely help.

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@Timothee I think the i18n repo on github was a good start!

Talking about this:

Anyway, I just made the new resonate website repo public on github:

@Nick should be working on the content.

It’s a hugo website and it does not have translations support enabled yet.
Documentation for the multilingual support is here:

There is a live demo available. For all details including designs and access to the webserver, you would need to be invited to our basecamp if you’re not there already.

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I added a new issue on the website github repo:

I pushed a new branch and enabled multilingual mode.

@auggod @Timothee Where will the translation work be done by the translation teams? Will this translation work be done on github, or will we use another tool like Transifex? Are there limitations on which translation tools are compatible with the website design?

I admit that I am not familiar with github, so I don’t understand much about how it works. I will be researching it soon so that I can be more helpful here!

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Hi folks!

Thanks @auggod for the new multilingual branch. I just create a new Google Sheet so everyone can contribute to the website content translation, even without any Github skills. I think this is a good way to open it to contribution, and we will push the translated content to Github in a second time. Is this workflow suitable for everyone?

Here is the spreadsheet link (anyone with the link can edit it so be carefull): Resonate i18n

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@Timothee This is great! I think we should talk about this during the next meeting on wednesday.


Ok, so here are the translation teams:

If your not sure about some translations or if you’re hesitating between two words or expressions, please use the comments directly in the spreadsheet, and let us know when you think you’re done so we can push it to Github.

@Hakanto I don’t think we need Esperanto translation right now, but feel free to help on any other language :wink:

@auggod Some pages like Editorial on the Github repo are empty, is it normal?

Thanks everyone for your help :pray:


I’ll gladly help with the french translation as well if I can make some time. Hope we’ll manage to get more languages on board as well.


Great work, @Timothee! @Iamupinthecloud thanks for offering to help too!

Also, @onapoli reached out to Transifex to see if we can get an account with them. They offer free accounts to open source projects (which we are); we are waiting to hear back from them. Transifex is a really robust translation tool, so in the future when this becomes a big task and we have a variety of languages to manage we could work even more efficiently.


@Timothee this is great work, thanks! The English text / new website design in our Figma is a great start… please note there are still some comments need to be resolved, and further text added. Also we need to work out priorities for more editorial content to be added - we have an 'inventory spreadsheet of all the existing pages on our wordpress site and we will publish that here soon.

Thank you to everyone that’s working on this. I’ll start contributing to the Spanish translation this week. Unfortunately, we cannot benefit from the Open Source Program of Transifex, but I think that we can handle this task well enough without it.

@TheAstorian, as we would be two people working on Spanish I think we could divide the work in half and then review each others work when we are done. I’ll start working on the home page for now. Please tell me what you think.

I see the french translation has already started, but if someone would like to discuss something about this contribution we could organize a meeting with jitsi maybe. For example, I was looking at the home page translation and encountered a dilemma for the Spanish translation of the first phrase Play Fair. I’m not a translator, so for me this will be hard :sweat_smile:

This is the document where the translations are stored: Resonate i18n


While translating, I found what I think could be spelling mistakes in the English text. I marked them in red, without changing nothing, just in case that’s the copy that will be or is currently used.

Found them in the coop and growth-campaign sheets at the moment.

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My contribution to the Spanish translation is finished, except for the first words of the STORYTELLING text located in the growth-campaign sheet. As previously stated, I am not a translator, so I am sure the translation can be improved greatly.

I’ve provided different translation alternatives to be chosen depending on space availability and clarity. In the next days, I will have the translation reviewed by another Spaniard, but it would be great if another Spanish speaking member of the community could review it too.

I think that the most appropriate way to propose modifications would be to post them here or/and as comments inside the spreadsheet, instead of modifying the text directly without notice and assessment. There are already some comments for the french translation in the home and coop sheets that can be used as a reference.


Sorry for the delayed reply on this @onapoli and @Timothee! Great work! There is some new important content coming on pricing I think, so as soon as that has stabilised (on Github) we could do some translation on that. I think we need an editor to finalise / decide on the English content to go up. Please bear with us while we work out who / when we can deliver the next batch of new copy. If there are any changes or additions to be made to the text in that spreadsheet, how should they be highlighted? As commennts and suggestions? Do we also need a version control sheet in here just to summarise (and celebrate!) all the headline changes / additions?

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Also just wanted to say that I have only recently discovered the really cool DeepL which appears awesomely intelligent in translating… and even more after it has learned a little. It suggests alternate words, adjusts gender, number, agreements, pronouns etc in the paragraph! Interested to hear what others think of it!


Yeah DeepL is very good! I used a combo of DeepL + Google Translate to help me with some translations. Let us know when the new content will be stabilized so we can finish the translation.


I could probably round up some folks to help with Japanese and Korean.


It would be awesome :star_struck:


Yoooooooo let’s go :raised_hands:t3: