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Continuing the discussion about ToIP from INTRODUCTION - could/should Resonate sell NFTs:

@Nick_M Can you recommend a reference to demonstrate the problems the ToIP Foundation encountered?

@richjensen I think ToIP are doing a great job in trying to make a complex stack seem simpler and to promote interoperability… But as Kaliya Young says:. “There are currently over 80 DID methods to create, read, update and delete DIDs & DID documents on ledgers and in other forms… It is possible to anchor issuance identities of VCs to conventional or
centralized cryptographic trust mechanisms, leveraging X.509 certificates… one
doesn’t have to use a blockchain)”

Initially, in our ecosystem, we are keeping it simple, using an implementation of the ‘middleware’ that Verifiable Credentials Ltd have produced.

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In the meantime, this article by Daniel Hardman of Evernym explains the challenges in global interoperability. We’re observing this with interest, but focusing on what we need for our own community first.

One of the interesting possibilities to look at (later!) is the use of json-ld VCs in connection with the Linked Data music metadata standards: MusicRecording - Type

… a neater way to ‘do metadata’ portably, where every artist has control of their own ‘metadata spreadsheet’ without all those ugly music industry metadata brokers, hubs and shovellers perhaps?

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Or perhaps in critical plurality with this cohort, to the degree that their services are part of the distribution complex employed by artists?

My intuition is that sensitivity to the full-spectrum of artists’ positions within this loamy matrix of adjacents is key to the co-op’s capacity to equip artists with its natural advantages.

“Meet people where they are.”

metadata topic per this discussion

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