Update: "Going Beyond the App Store Model" page

The new Walled Culture article has a hyperlink with text “Open Source” that goes to this page:

The page has no link to the code or the developer portion of this forum - funnel-wise it’s not ideal. Would it be possible to update this to handle any interested developers or community members?

Someone interested in open source is going to not find what they were looking for after clicking that link in the Walled Culture article.

(this post is made based on the “every page is page one” philosophy of technical communication)


Good point. We need to edit that very old page and get the forum link and github page in there at least! On the ecosystem point we could also add in some links to recent developments in our work with other co-operatives at w3c this week. See https://coopcreds.com/

It could be a very simple edit at the top, like:

2021 Update: Want to contribute? Check out the code here and join our forum here.