Upload tracks and artwork to a release



As an artist or a label user-group owner, I want to be able to upload a new release:

Bundle Details (release-level)

  • select profile if owner of more than one (required)
    display artist (could be different from profile display name, in the case of a compilation for example)
  • Label name:
  • Release Type: EP or Album or Single
  • Artist Name: (Option to add)
  • Featured artist(s): (Option to add)
  • Title:
  • Genre tag(s):
  • ℗ Details: Year XXXX Company Name: XXXX
  • Original Release date: Calendar option
  • Album artwork: 1:1 JPEG, JPG, or PNG format with minimum dimensions of 1400x1400 pixels. Maximum dimensions are 3000x3000 pixels. Maximum file size is 5 MB.
  • ? territories

Track Details

  • Track Title:
  • Version: Eg. DJ Resonate Remix
  • Track Genre:
  • ISRC Code:
  • Main Artist(s):
  • Featuring: (Option to add)
  • Writers: (Option to add)
  • Remixers: (Option to add)
  • Publishers: (Option to add)

https://resonate.is/uploading-cover-songs/ (required)

Add tracks:

  • by selecting or dropping files
  • upload state: to be discussed with back-end dev
  • arrange track order and set featured track(s) (highlights)
  • edit titles

Track metadata DESIGN UPDATED:

  • free/paid
  • add Artists (default artist = selected profile in 1. if of type artist)
  • Release added to Discography: album page with message

DESIGN UPDATED If I have more than 30 track…


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@Nick_M: "links to current metadata resource / requirement docs are in here: Resonate and Kendraio - Google Docs

Might add ISNI to that list, looking forward?


…but ISRC is the main one. UPN might help with the association of artwork with the release."

There is a whole new development epic yet to come on our Tracks API (version 3) which will give us a chance to look at this properly and settle on a reference ontology / reference schema. @konatantin highlighted a lot of this here:

Re: general_overview_slides_200501_standard.pdf - Development

and was suggesting use of established ontologies as a possible reference point for our own Resonate internal schema design: Schema.org is active for music metadata, for example:


Kendra.io have worked on something very similar with

For now it should be good enough to hold the key information. We don’t need to go into all the complexity of holding all these attributes… at least not until we decide if if / when we start to operate as a registry or music licencing organisation for our artists in future… we just need to make sure we have the foreign keys to the registries that are the authoritative source for data attributes.

It is quite important to get this right in an early iteration of the path to a tracks API v3 (yes, data transformation IS always iterative :slight_smile: ) because we’ve got 2000 tracks to go through and get consistent with whatever we come up with, and our volunteer time for manual work is precious… so let’s be controlled in our iterations.

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Something that has been lost in the digital era of music streaming is the connection to the album art, full credits of writers/performers/mix engineers, recording locations, thank yous and liner notes.

As a user and listener - these things enhance and bring richness to the listening experience. They open a portal to the artist’s wider world and aesthetic, their connections to other artists, the musicians and performers and recording engineers who are part of their world and practice. Liner notes are an art form in themselves - unique, personal, humorous, weird and wonderful…

As an artist - I want to be able to create a rich environment for listeners that fully articulates my vision. Vinyl, tape and CD offer an enhanced user experience with artwork, liner notes , thanks and full performer credits. Loosing this through streaming services such as spotify not respecting that this is part of the overall experience of listening to eg. an album, is something that would be welcomed back on a platform like resonate where community and the social value of music is respected.

Resonate should bring this back into streaming!


In full agreement !!! even though credits are accessible through other platform, you basically have to go hunting for them. Even just making the credits listing more prominent (not hidden through clicks) could go a long way in sharing art.

It’s pretty barebones, but with the Bandcamp app, even though streaming isn’t ~cute~, credits are/can be directly listed under the song while youre listening to it, in plain sight, which I think can be great.

Another potential function that could be cool is for credits where a fellow Resonate artist member is listed, if members choose to do so, maybe the credit listing could also link to that artists specific member profile, something I currently can’t do on other platforms. Could help build solid relationships and encourage collaboration while benefiting both parties (and puts a human perspective to searching instead of caving to an algorithm!)


We’ve made progress in this area! :slight_smile:

A “release description”, aka liner notes, can now be up to 10,000 characters. None of the older uploads have these, but some of the new submissions that are coming in do have liner notes.

These are visible on release pages on Player 7, although for now it appears as one giant paragraph. Gotta update the code to allow for paragraph breaks!

Here’s an example:

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I’m moved these posts into an existing user-story so that all the info is in the same place.

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That’s great!

What about artworks/multiple images and credits.
Also the crediting/joining resonate fellows idea from @sganesh is wonderful.


Looking at the current layout of a release page on Player 7, where/how do you imagine those other images would/could be displayed? The first thing that comes to mind is if you could swipe through pages of art with the cover artwork always being the first page.

So an artist could upload as many square artworks they want to a release, select which order they want them in, and then whichever one is the first in that order is treated as the main artwork.

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As an artist, I want this! it’s really inspiring to imagine how a release page (or an artist’s page) could be more creative and expressive environments than what is typical on streaming platforms. I know @LLK has put a lot of imagination into this.

This idea rules. The simplest implementation I’m picturing would be if any member could tag a resonate member to a release (or track), sorta how on Facebook cough you can tag friends in an image. So if I was listening to Member B’s album and knew that Member A played flute on it, then I could tag Member A to that release. The tag would be subject to approval from Member B and Member A, but if they both approved it then it would appear on the album page.


To be able to give artists and listeners, everything they would have if they were sitting at home with the physical product open in front of them would be wonderful. And there’s no really reason not to, it fully respects the process and community involved in bringing a piece of music to the listener. Helps us to fulfill the co-op goals of artist agency and community - create connections.