Uploader Account login issues

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I got @boopboop set up with an uploader account today. However, they’re having some issues logging in and out of their Resonate account and are thus unable to access dash.resonate.coop. @boopboop, you down to chat through what the issue is?

As a related question: How do I force log out a user on Wordpress? I was trying to figure this out earlier to help out @boopboop but couldn’t find the setting. It used to be prominently in the edit user area but isn’t anymore. Googled around but didn’t find an answer.

I’m not sure what would be the issue.

Is it password related?

No, I’m logged in, but when I try to log out it says

"Cannot read property 'state' of undefined"
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Ok, I’ll have to look into that after fixing upload tool build issue related to ffmpeg. I can’t update or rebuild the upload tool in production until I have fixed the issue.


Hey Hakanto, sorry but I’m not aware of a feature like this. (Force log out.)

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Hey ! Just a heads-up - I’m having this same issue, using Firefox 95.0.2 on Win10.

First time I accessed the dashboard, I was already logged in to my artist account. I tried logging out to log back in using my uploader account, but I get this when pressing the Log Out button :

I am still logged in with the same account if I reload the dashboard after this.

I managed to log in using a chrome-based browser, and can log out and back in fine using that one.

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I also have this problem with Safari version 15.2 on macOS 11.6.2.

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Does clearing your cache or using private tab works?

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If I use a private tab, I can log in and out many times.

Clearing the cache had no effect. I’m still logged in and cannot log out using a non-private tab.