Uploading music submissions

I was curious about our migration strategy once those fields have been implemented.

I’m relatively new to paying attention to the upload mechanics, but I thought I saw that spreadsheet was “recently” updated to add collection of details like ISRCs. Doesn’t it seem like a bit of thrashing to remove them? Or have there been backlog grooming meetings where implementation of those fields have been pushed way out into the distant future?


Not sure if this is the right place but in a bit of a mess with one of the uploads.

A couple of uncommon things all at once. Usually, but not always, tracks for upload, are numbered. This makes uploading say 10 at once, in the right order, easy, through drag and drop.

Even if not numbered/in order, it’s simple enough to reorder whilst renaming/checking titles.

The other factor is that sometimes, though not often, audio files have track titles embedded within them which the upload form extracts. When this happens, we’ll cross-reference with the metadata spreadsheet in case of mistakes etc.

Usually, though, there’s no embedded title, and we can copy/paste the title from the spreadsheet. In these cases, the filename auto-populates in the title field and it’s simple to overwrite this.

In this particular case though, the audio files were not in order, and I dragged and dropped them all together expecting to reorder and rename.

Unfortunately, nearly all tracks had the embedded title ‘untitled (Master)’ and so there was no way to figure out which track was which.

I’m not specifically suggesting including these tools but I might’ve been able to figure it out if I could also see the file names, or duration, or play the tracks back. It’s an edge case but thought it worth reporting.

The next thing I needed to do was basically remove all the uploaded files and start again, one at a time. When you click the ‘X’ it removes but doesn’t delete the track and now there’s a bunch of untitled, unassigned, tracks floating around in the backend. These will need deleting at some point.

Finally, during the reuploading, one-by-one, process, the uploader kept getting stuck. The green progress bar would stay filled after a track is uploaded and a further upload wouldn’t work. If I refreshed the page I could upload again but needed to do this for each and every track. This isn’t behaviour I’ve encountered previously but again, thought it worth reporting.

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I think this is cool to share here as not publically accessible, these are what will need deleting:

* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23227
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23236
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23230
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23229
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23228
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23231
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23230
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23227
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23233
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23232
* https://dash.resonate.coop/user/admin/tracks/23229

+1 for diplaying the filename along with the assigned title for uploaded tracks. Makes total sense to me as a “stupid-proof” check, for readability’s sake, since this involves a lot of manual back-and-forth between files and uploaders, making sure the track order is good, etc.

  1. I noticed the date format from the uploader versus the excel submission sheet are different (one is yyyy-mm-dd and the other is mm-dd-yyyy if I recall correctly.) It would be helpful to make them the same to prevent mistakes.

  2. I’m a bit concerned with missing a “Paid” checkbox when finishing the track uploads. Each track shows a lot of “deprecated” or currently unused fields right now that make an at-a-glance check (in this case, making sure “Paid” is checked for all tracks) difficult to do. Would it be possible to maybe collapse the individual tracks so it only shows the Title and the payment scheme checkboxes?

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What I mean is to be able to collapse this:

…into this (by default, expandable to show the additional fields if needed):


I second this.

My preference is for YYYY-MM-DD everywhere—because I’m from the UK and MM-DD-YYYY seems weird to me but I also acknowledge, if you’re in the US, DD-MM-YYYY will be weird for you.

NB: I often find myself double-checking releases on Bandcamp or Discogs etc. If someone puts, e.g., 02-08-2020, on the metadata spreadsheet, I’m not confident between 2nd Aug or 8th Feb. Just a tip for other uploaders if it helps… I’m sure you’ve got this already though :+1:.

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Another option is to add the payment scheme checkboxes for each track to the release view which lists them. …And maybe buttons like “Set all tracks to Paid”.

EDIT: Oops - we should probably post suggestions for improvements in the Dashboard hub.

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Yep, I’ve gathered them here - Fixing dashboard to be ready for artists - #7 by thehouseorgan


@Hakanto - One more newbie question: If any track titles indicate additional performers/composers were involved, but the metadata spreadsheet only has the Release Composer’s legal name, should that submission be rejected until the additional names are provided?

Is there a specific way to handle uploads that are to be released at a later date, or do we simply upload them like any other release and the release timing is handled by the system?

All future releases I have uploaded and made “active” did not show up in the “new releases” stream on the player. I assume the system will take care of the timing, so go through all the same steps as every other release I have uploaded.

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Yep, system takes care of it behind the scenes to my knowledge (from a previous exchange with hakanto).

There’s a section on the spreadsheet for future releases so if/when we get involved with upload coordination I presume we’ll note these releases here and there’ll either be an email process to let an artist know it’s scheduled for upload, or emailed when live, or both, etc.

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@Uploaders I’ve added a new task under Processing a submission:

Check that the artists’ full name is on the entry. If either their first or last name is missing, note this on the Resonate Uploads spreadsheet and do not upload the release.


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Now I’ve encountered this in the wild, just clarifying…

We mean under composers of the upload/metadata?

I have a release where on the wordpress submission, they have included their full name: e.g., Alan Human

But on the metadata spreadsheet they have just put their first initial: e.g., A. Human

This is fine, I can put two-and-two together but…

There’s also another composer: e.g., B. Person

Do I need their full name too? I presume yes but wanted to check.

That is what we’re looking for – a full name on the wordpress entries page. If you have that, you’re good to upload. :+1:t4:

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Another upload question (or maybe an @upcoord question).

I was going through stalled corrections and noted one where the issue was a numbers spreadsheet. As I can open these so I thought I’d have a go.

Now what I didn’t think to check was that the user still existed (originally submitted April 2021) and… they don’t.

I’ve got an uploaded release and tracks but can’t change ownership as the owner doesn’t exist.

Is this a dev thing, to get them deleted, or should I reach out to the artist if they want to create a new account?

You can remove the release by scrolling to the bottom of the release page to the “Danger Zone” section and click on the “Remove Release” button. I have no idea what happens behind the curtains with the audio files and artwork associated with the release (and am curious to learn).

Without knowing why the artist removed their account, I don’t feel comfortable offering advice on whether or not to reach out to them. Maybe they gave up on Resonate and could be convinced to return? Maybe they’re pursuing a different artist persona/brand, so this release is no longer relevant? Maybe they abandoned making music altogether? Maybe they made this release in collaboration with others, and have since separated?

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Great points. I’d forgotten about the remove release button. I suspect the tracks will still need deleting by a dev but I’ll probably find out.

Yeah, it feels a bit crappy that they might’ve given up on us but with that much time passed it feels weird to try ask them to come back etc.

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Question for @Hakanto or possibly @auggod - Do we allow (can the platform support) emoji characters in release titles/track titles?

[EDIT] This appears to work!

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