Uploading music submissions

@Uploaders I’ve added a new task under Processing a submission:

Check that the artists’ full name is on the entry. If either their first or last name is missing, note this on the Resonate Uploads spreadsheet and do not upload the release.


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Now I’ve encountered this in the wild, just clarifying…

We mean under composers of the upload/metadata?

I have a release where on the wordpress submission, they have included their full name: e.g., Alan Human

But on the metadata spreadsheet they have just put their first initial: e.g., A. Human

This is fine, I can put two-and-two together but…

There’s also another composer: e.g., B. Person

Do I need their full name too? I presume yes but wanted to check.

That is what we’re looking for – a full name on the wordpress entries page. If you have that, you’re good to upload. :+1:t4:

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Another upload question (or maybe an @upcoord question).

I was going through stalled corrections and noted one where the issue was a numbers spreadsheet. As I can open these so I thought I’d have a go.

Now what I didn’t think to check was that the user still existed (originally submitted April 2021) and… they don’t.

I’ve got an uploaded release and tracks but can’t change ownership as the owner doesn’t exist.

Is this a dev thing, to get them deleted, or should I reach out to the artist if they want to create a new account?

You can remove the release by scrolling to the bottom of the release page to the “Danger Zone” section and click on the “Remove Release” button. I have no idea what happens behind the curtains with the audio files and artwork associated with the release (and am curious to learn).

Without knowing why the artist removed their account, I don’t feel comfortable offering advice on whether or not to reach out to them. Maybe they gave up on Resonate and could be convinced to return? Maybe they’re pursuing a different artist persona/brand, so this release is no longer relevant? Maybe they abandoned making music altogether? Maybe they made this release in collaboration with others, and have since separated?

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Great points. I’d forgotten about the remove release button. I suspect the tracks will still need deleting by a dev but I’ll probably find out.

Yeah, it feels a bit crappy that they might’ve given up on us but with that much time passed it feels weird to try ask them to come back etc.

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Question for @Hakanto or possibly @auggod - Do we allow (can the platform support) emoji characters in release titles/track titles?

[EDIT] This appears to work!

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@Hakanto - I have a release submission which is a collaboration between 2 artists who both have releases on Resonate. The metadata lists both artists as the “Release Artist”.

Should I transcribe both names as shown in the metadata to the “Release Artist” field in the uploader? Or should I only use the name of the artist who sent the submission (since I can only assign ownership to that 1 artist, anyway)?

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Hey peeps!

I’ve got a submission entry here that is actually multiple releases in a single submission - each with proper metadata sheets and all. It’s actually no problem for me to handle, but I was thinking I’d bring this up here, just in case.

I will be listing them as such in the uploads sheet :


Enter the Release Artist however they wrote it on the spreadsheet for that release.

For an example, scroll through the artist page for Machinefabriek to see how he often changes the Release Artist name from release to release, yet they are all under his artist account’s ownership: thus appearing on one artist page.

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Seeking consensus from @upcoord:

Since performing the Upload Coordinator role myself, I have learned to double-check that the email address in the submission’s “Add to label” column is actually associated with a label account by using the Dashboard’s ‘Users’ search.

When I’m working as an Uploader, should I just blindly copy that email address into the “Label?” column of the uploads spreadsheet? Or is it okay to not transcribe it to the spreadsheet if I confirmed it isn’t a label’s address?

I’d say fine not to transcribe but maybe add a note in the comments should it be relevant later

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@remst8 agreed

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@Hakanto following the discussion on https://community.resonate.is/t/upload-of-licensed-cover-versions/2781/5 can you update the guidelines at the top to explain, possibly under ‘Details details details’:

Cover Versions and Remixes
Until such a time as Resonate’s legal policy changes, we are able to accept cover versions and remixes where the artist has accepted responsibility and confirmed they have the appropriate rights. They do this via the checkbox on the wordpress submission form. When uploading, you are fine to process cover versions and remixes and tick the appropriate checkboxes, even though they say no covers and no remixes. These check boxes are intended to updated before the upload tool becomes public.

Feel free to make any amendments to help keep it clear and concise.

@Uploaders in case anyone else get confused, like I was, the ‘No Covers No Remixes’ checkbox on the upload tool is legacy wording that needs updating. Artist’s have confirmed they have the rights and have taken responsibility for covers and remixes and we are okay to proceed with uploading (until such a time as policy changes).

@upcoord if anyone is concerned/confused about covers in the future, hopefully these notes help us steer them.


Amended slightly and updated the guide. Thanks for leading on this, @thehouseorgan.


What is the reason for creating a new account rather than using an existing one?

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Account types – listener vs uploader vs artist – have different functionality.

If we converted a user’s main listener account to an uploader account, I am not sure how this would affect their listener profile page on the resonate player.

If we converted a user’s main artist account to an uploader account, they would lose their artist profile page on the player.

Until we migrate off wordpress, a user’s account type helps us keep track of their membership status. If we converted a listener account (who was also a co-op member) to an uploader account, we would lose a helpful method for record keeping.

In order to avoid known (and unknown) problems, I’ve required upload volunteers to set up a new account to use as their uploader account.

Uploader accounts will eventually be disabled once that functionality is added to artist accounts.

I’m working on a new guide about Accounts and personas.