Uploading music submissions

Amended slightly and updated the guide. Thanks for leading on this, @thehouseorgan.


What is the reason for creating a new account rather than using an existing one?

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Account types – listener vs uploader vs artist – have different functionality.

If we converted a user’s main listener account to an uploader account, I am not sure how this would affect their listener profile page on the resonate player.

If we converted a user’s main artist account to an uploader account, they would lose their artist profile page on the player.

Until we migrate off wordpress, a user’s account type helps us keep track of their membership status. If we converted a listener account (who was also a co-op member) to an uploader account, we would lose a helpful method for record keeping.

In order to avoid known (and unknown) problems, I’ve required upload volunteers to set up a new account to use as their uploader account.

Uploader accounts will eventually be disabled once that functionality is added to artist accounts.

I’m working on a new guide about Accounts and personas.