User Onboarding and Accounting Epic

The User Onboarding and Accounting Epic for October and Novemberis focused on the User Onboarding, Accounting and minor bugfixes in preparation for Renewal


By the end of this Epic we will achieve

  • A new user onboarding flow on
  • User membership accounting on stripe and integration on
  • Remaining website finalisation tasks


The master design for the user onboarding and new profile is here



October - November

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@developers Our new epic is underway :tada:

All the details are laid out about, particularly in the linked projects and issues on github.

Product To-dos

There’s also some remaining product to dos as well

  • Clarify where the “help” column will be in each profile view ← @Hakanto
  • Clarify the update my payment details operation and CTA ← @Nick_M
  • Clarify the profile switcher UX ← @Nick_M / @auggod will have some ideas for this
  • Clarify exactly how the migration handles user group names (profiles)
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@developers here we go!

Sorry, I cannot make it this time.

@developers Thanks guys

@auggod could you give us an async update on how you’re going with our first milestone?

To do

@Hakanto will be

  1. Mapping the relationships between id server and upload tool
  2. Listing the bugs with the current upload tool
    • Short and descriptive
    • Listed in priority order
  3. Mapping the role of the handbook, help-desk and forum
    • What handbook updates do we need?
    • What does the user flow of an artist looking for help look like?

@Nick_M will be

  1. Updating the artist and label profiles
  2. Working on the stripe integration
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See update here: Setup Stripe Checkout · Issue #7 · resonatecoop/user-api · GitHub

@Hakanto there is a suggested ‘Add Music’ button in the updated flow to branch off to the upload tool. Could this also be the logical return point from the upload tool add release pages? i.e. return to the artist profile / label profile instead of having the browse all users / releases in the upload tool at the moment? (which is useful for admins, but confusing for artists labels).

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I’m not on track with this milestone yet.

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I should have issue #49 (Implementing the routing and UX of new onboarding · Issue #49 · resonatecoop/id · GitHub) done and merged by Wednesday.


Apologies all for being unable to cover the meeting today.

Other than the update about the profiles (see above) I have not been able to get much done
on the Stripe API set-up: that’s what I plan to focus on from now.

Please check in here if there’s anything more to report in the meantime - hopefully we’ll have made more progress for next week’s session.


Fantastic work @auggod!

As part of the “minor bugfixes” in this Epic, I’ve set up a new project in the Stream repo. These small fixes and enhancements focus on getting the most out of our new Player, clarifying UX behavior, and smoothing onboarding flow.

As @auggod is focused on the ID server side of this Epic, these tasks are oriented towards volunteers to pick up.

Not done yet. Expecting later this week at last.


I’ve come down with an illness over the past few days. I hope to be well enough for the call, but we’ll see.

@developers Hey all, here we go!

@Hakanto Hope you’re feeling better soon!

@developers Short one today :slight_smile: Work continues apace on our github projects:

@Nick_M @auggod @boopboop Ready to check-in in an hour and a bit?

Apologies again! On a family holiday. I haven’t made much progress on the user onboarding other than the data migration work for the cutover of user accounts. Sunita is checking that at the moment.

Ok, @auggod is currently hanging out with @richjensen, so I’m going to chat with him separately. @boopboop how did you go with Fixing dashboard to be ready for artists ?

@angus I did the text edits on Fixing dashboard to be ready for artists - has been merged and deployed

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@Nick_M @auggod Here we go

** edit ah it’s an hour later for you. See you in an hour