User Onboarding and Accounting Epic

Fantastic work @auggod!

As part of the 鈥渕inor bugfixes鈥 in this Epic, I鈥檝e set up a new project in the Stream repo. These small fixes and enhancements focus on getting the most out of our new Player, clarifying UX behavior, and smoothing onboarding flow.

As @auggod is focused on the ID server side of this Epic, these tasks are oriented towards volunteers to pick up.

Not done yet. Expecting later this week at last.


I鈥檝e come down with an illness over the past few days. I hope to be well enough for the call, but we鈥檒l see.

@developers Hey all, here we go!

@Hakanto Hope you鈥檙e feeling better soon!

@developers Short one today :slight_smile: Work continues apace on our github projects:

@Nick_M @auggod @boopboop Ready to check-in in an hour and a bit?

Apologies again! On a family holiday. I haven鈥檛 made much progress on the user onboarding other than the data migration work for the cutover of user accounts. Sunita is checking that at the moment.

Ok, @auggod is currently hanging out with @richjensen, so I鈥檓 going to chat with him separately. @boopboop how did you go with Fixing dashboard to be ready for artists ?

@angus I did the text edits on Fixing dashboard to be ready for artists - has been merged and deployed

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@Nick_M @auggod Here we go

** edit ah it鈥檚 an hour later for you. See you in an hour

Okies. Useful test of zoom 'cos I have had to move from Chrome to Chromium. Don鈥檛 ask :roll_eyes:

Good, I鈥檒l be there. Would like to discuss the stripe implementation.

@Nick_M @auggod here we go

@Nick_M @auggod Thanks guys. This week we鈥檙e eating the frog :slight_smile:



Sign up flow

  1. Show flash message after join form is submitted and email is sent
  2. Update account confirmation email template (maligun access needed)
  3. Automatic login from confirmation link in account confirmation email
  4. Redirect to 鈥淎ccount Creation鈥 after email confirmation
  5. Implement 鈥淐reate Account鈥 form
  6. Add 鈥渁ccount_complete鈥 variable
  7. Hide header bar and left side bar when account_complete is false
  8. account_complete is true when they have submitted 鈥淐reate Account鈥 form once
  9. Aug Goal: Complete all aspects of id designs by next Monday
  10. Nick Goal: Be ready to go with stripe integration by next Monday

Dashboard - homepage

  • Aug to share empty dump of tracks api db (and SQL functions)
  • Angus to make upload tool PR
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Here鈥檚 the blank sql dump with credits, tracks, files, favorites, images, orders, track_groups, track_group_items, tags, playlists tables defs.

Images, tags, playlists are deprecated but the upload tool and search api still has some code related to it for migration of old data.

There鈥檚 two sql functions to compute the play counts and play counts costs. (2.2 KB)

Beware, it鈥檚 set to drop table if exists.

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@developers here鈥檚 a link for out meeting in 5

@developers Hey guys :slight_smile: for our meeting