User Onboarding and Accounting Epic

Okies. Useful test of zoom 'cos I have had to move from Chrome to Chromium. Don’t ask :roll_eyes:

Good, I’ll be there. Would like to discuss the stripe implementation.

@Nick_M @auggod here we go

@Nick_M @auggod Thanks guys. This week we’re eating the frog :slight_smile:



Sign up flow

  1. Show flash message after join form is submitted and email is sent
  2. Update account confirmation email template (maligun access needed)
  3. Automatic login from confirmation link in account confirmation email
  4. Redirect to “Account Creation” after email confirmation
  5. Implement “Create Account” form
  6. Add “account_complete” variable
  7. Hide header bar and left side bar when account_complete is false
  8. account_complete is true when they have submitted “Create Account” form once
  9. Aug Goal: Complete all aspects of id designs by next Monday
  10. Nick Goal: Be ready to go with stripe integration by next Monday

Dashboard - homepage

  • Aug to share empty dump of tracks api db (and SQL functions)
  • Angus to make upload tool PR
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Here’s the blank sql dump with credits, tracks, files, favorites, images, orders, track_groups, track_group_items, tags, playlists tables defs.

Images, tags, playlists are deprecated but the upload tool and search api still has some code related to it for migration of old data.

There’s two sql functions to compute the play counts and play counts costs. (2.2 KB)

Beware, it’s set to drop table if exists.

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@developers here’s a link for out meeting in 5

@developers Hey guys :slight_smile: for our meeting

Is the meeting on ?

Oh hi LLK! It was an hour ago at 1500 CET = 1400 UTC

Weird, it told me it was from today 4pm to 5pm (it’s still telling me this right now and that it ends in 30 minutes actually). It’s not the first time there’s an issue with the timezone of a scheduled meeting btw.

Sorry! that’s my fault. The (relatively) recent daylight savings timezone changes meant that folks were expecting this an hour earlier than the stated time. I’ve updated it on the topic.

Ah yes, I figured this might have been the thing, well too bad, hope it was a good meeting anyway ! Much love to all.

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@developers hey guys, here’s a room for our meeting

@Nick_M @auggod Great work guys!

Note that we won’t be having a meeting next week, as we’ll be done before then. Here’s our final to do list, mopping up the remaining tasks in the epic:

  1. Nick to check stripe invoice emails: stuck here on a couple of things that need fixing in test (see post below)
  2. We’re using the member boolean for membership intent if the user is an artist
  3. Aug to automatically redirect artist to profile after successful checkout
  4. Add an option to use free credits
  5. Nick to review help text in id fields, then Angus (still in progress, sorry - figma needs to be finalised - original suggested text was in this post
  6. Add a plus to allow an artist to create multiple persona
  7. Add “Add music” button to success screen after updating profile
  8. Nick will look at what it looks like for people who’s membership has expired? (See below)

Strike them off when they’re done using ~~ task ~~, (it will look like this: task)

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A few snags when testing:

  • untrapped user api error for duplicate email address when adding new user
  • new user with fresh username throws a not null constraint error when it finds there aren’t any credits for that user in credits

The email text I suggested is in the earlier post, but I haven’t been able to test it all out yet.

There are some links to old website text (Privacy Policy - Resonate) and new forum content (Security Incident and Data Protection Policy) which need to be updated for consistency. I’ll post that on the website sub-category.

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I will submit a PR for fixing the duplicate email address error today. Already had identified the issue.

Is it a regression? I always thought it was handled by bun (our db orm) out of the box as email uniqueness is defined on the model.

PR was merged. Small issue with the error message not being properly handled.


Come to our next meeting link leads here.

Is there a meeting?

What is the status of this Epic?