User profile privacy

Hi, I recently joined resonate and noticed that user profile privacy setting only works fully public or fully private.

The default setting when you make a profile displays your full legal name and location to the public, which I found quite uncomfortable. Now, I changed the profile setting to private, but ideally I’d like to have a public profile (without my legal name) and engage with the community.

Hope this hasn’t been discussed elsewhere.


Hey @akira glad you’ve joined Resonate – and thanks for this feedback.

The profile edit pages are not supposed to display your name publicly. I’ll look into the settings and get this fixed so that it stays private.


@akira You’ll have a public profile page on the resonate player. :slight_smile: The interface on is simply for editing that info.

@peter I believe we had switched these wordpress profiles to be fully private for privacy reasons, since a bug on Wordpress was keeping us from displaying them correctly. Can you confirm that these wordpress profiles are private for now?

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Thanks for looking in to it.

Just FYI when I set the privacy of my account on (here) as Everyone can see, anyone seems to be able to access my account (including name+location) using a link (

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Oh dear, no idea how that happened. Had tested and whatever approach I used (sadly forgotten) didn’t work. I’ve done a more thorough method this time and confirmed that I can’t see artist profiles whether logged in or out.

Sincere apologies for this frustration @akira and thanks for reporting it!

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Fortunately we’ll be completely off the current profile system within about a month. Know that I for one will :champagne: toast many virtual :clinking_glasses: on that happy day!


@peter thanks for jumping in on this!

@akira can you confirm that your issue has been fixed?

Hey, It seems to be fixed!

When I access my profile without logging in, it goes back to the main page, regardless of my privacy setting.

Thanks @peter, @Hakanto for fixing it swiftly!


Oh, thank God, I’m so relieved! Even more so that you’re so patient. I would have gone NUTS seeing some site doing that, even if by accident.

Fortunately the new user system won’t have any vulnerabilities like this. :pray: