User Stories

Hi all,

I created this topic as a way to collect user stories as we work toward improving the Resonate community forum (this), the player, the website, and anything else we may want to “put on the table” in regards to Resonate’s services for its community.

I know many of you have already brought up a lot of great points, and I will do my best to try and find those replies and aggregate them into this thread, but in the meantime, please reply below with some of your thoughts.

See some examples below (thanks @Nick_M) to help you think of some user stories from your own experience:

“As an artist, I want to use the player so that I can review my artist page and releases and find out how they are doing (plays and earnings).”

“As an artist, I want to use the player to get social media links to share with my followers and audience.”

“As an artist, I want to use the forum to reach out to my followers and hang out / collaborate with other musicians.”

“As an artist, I want to use and contribute to the Resonate website as a way to exchange knowledge with others and the wider music and co-operative ecosystem.”

“As an artist / curator, I want to use the player to explore new content, add it to my playlists and find links to reference podcasts.”

“As a listener, I want to be able to easily find and access music within a few clicks.”

“As the owner of a label, I want to be able to display all of my artists’ work, and track their progress (plays, earnings, etc.).”

…and so on.

We want to build Resonate with everyone’s considerations in mind, so please leave your thoughts below on ways that we can improve Resonate, based on the experiences you have had so far.

Thank you!


Thanks Sam! Just to add a note that it would be good to keep these high level and brief for now. They can be expanded later into more detail. If there is an existing thread or comment you have on the user story (or ‘epic’ in this case) please link to it. On search, for example: "discovery" as a menu item / general music search term

@auggod has more detailed user stories and feature lists in our GitHub for the player where they are recorded under the issues:

That’s where we will be tracking stuff we are actively working on. We’re interested in the thread below in stuff that is missing … related to the forum experience or the interplay between the player and the forum… maybe:

“As a listener I would like to record my appreciation of this track or moment in listening in a forum comment”

Sometimes the opening clause ‘as a listener’ is a bit bland. Think about what type of listener / persona in particular that the user story applies to. If it’s everyone, OK, but maybe it helps to distinguish between new and returning, frequent listeners. Same applies to volunteers. What type of volunteer?


Especially as it relates to the Forum, how would people like things to be organized?

Should the forum be more open and free range, or should it be more segmented and direct toward different conversations, different areas of Resonate, and different stakeholders (i.e. Listeners, Artists, Labels, Resonate Workers/Volunteers, Etc.)?

As a listener, I want to enjoy music online without training (and funding) a for-profit database that will eventually be used against me.
As a fellow worker, I want to compensate artists fairly for their work.
As a coop member, I want to support cooperatives as one of the many paths towards social justice.