Using the resonate player


By tag

You can search for releases by tag. Type the tag as a compound word with no spaces, starting with a # symbol. You cannot enter multiple genre tags in a single search.


By label

You can find artists by label by adding label: before any search term. Example: label:Beat Machine Records. Do not add a space between label: and your search term.

By country

You can find artists by country by adding country: before any search term. Example: country:France. Do not add a space between country: and your search term. Each word in this country’s name must have its first letter capitalized; this will be fixed in the future.


A playlist is a selection of tracks. You can make your own playlists to enjoy privately or to share with others.

Finding your playlists

Once you’ve created playlists, they can be found be found under your Library tab. Library → Playlists

Creating a playlist

To create a playlist, find a track you wish to have on the playlist. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the track. Inside the three-dot menu, click Add to Playlist

Add to playlist

On this popup window, you can set the title of your new playlist. This popup also shows a list of all your playlists. Checking boxes next to playlists adds the track to each. Unchecking boxes removes the track from playlists.

Editing or publishing a Playlist

By default your playlists will be private. To make a playlist public, go to your playlist. Click Edit. On the next screen, you can make a playlist public, change its name, or write a short description of it.


Streaming quality

Our current streaming quality is 96 kbps AAC. In the future we intend to offer 128 bits AAC for all users. 256 bits AAC will be available on demand.

Downloading music

This feature is not yet available. In the future, we intend to offer the ability to download tracks that you own on Resonate to your local device as lossless audio files.



Can’t log in

Before requesting support, make sure that you are using the email associated with your Resonate account. If you are having issues, please request a new password. You may have to wait up to a minute for your new password to become active. Your password might not be accepted if it contains certain non-alphanumerics such as " and . If you have tried requesting a new password and are still having difficulties, please contact us at and describe your issue in detail.