Video recording policy

Proposed by @richjensen
Supported by 🌍 Community Assembly 1 | October 9th

For meetings where recording is proposed for posting (probably on Vimeo) in a Members-only area of the Forum. (link will be available to anyone with password, also posted in Forum)

Videos should only be recorded with unanimous consent and will be taken down or edited by the request of anyone recorded.

Our will be to time-box section of any discussion to opt out of recording for that section. e.g. “We will be discussing . Does anyone object to ccontinuing to record?” then take a vote for unanimity on whether to stop the recording for that section.

@Hakanto A minor clerical correction. I think that when @richjensen edited this in the notes:

He said (verbally):


It’s a direct copy/paste. A good reminder to all of us to be diligent reading over the proposal! :sweat_smile: