Video: Worker co-operative startup webinar

I’m inspired by this excellent presentation by US Federation of Worker Co-operatives. Encourage all work contributors at Resonate to check this out. I think this is is a great framework for developing our own workers’ group here at our multi-stakeholder co-op.


This looks good… skimming! Is the deck available anywhere? We are members of coops UK which has lots of guidance and help available too…

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Yeah, a deck would be great. I found myself wanting to write down so much of it. Perhaps through their Co-op Clinic service they’d offer that

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We are a member of coops UK and could use their advisory services too… some free questions… let’s make a list.

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It took me a couple of sittings to watch all of this but worth it and appreciate you sharing.


Good education on structural issues and diverse managerial talent sets required, especially from about 30 mins in to the program.

Doesn’t directly address many of Resonate’s additional governance and financial issues as a mutli-stakeholder co-op (consumer/producer/worker/investor) with significant start-up costs.