VOTE/FEEDBACK - The Resonate Manifesto rewrite

The Resonate Manifesto has been updated.

Comments and feedback from the community are invited until Friday 11th June.
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Thank you,

It’s time to play fair.

  1. Music is art, not content. Creativity should be in the hands of its creators, not those looking to extract or exploit its value.

  2. We are the stewards of our artists’ creativity. We have a duty of care to the artists, music and other works that we host on Resonate. Our goal is that artists are able to thrive, and that the work entrusted to us is respected and protected.

  3. The music industry is broken. Power has been consolidated in the hands of a small number of technology companies and dominant major labels. We are building a new ecosystem built on fairness, transparency and cooperation.

  4. Artists should be able to build and maintain sustainable careers on their own terms, without exploitation. We should build systems that both support and enable their creativity and wealth.

  5. Everyone should own their platform, own their data, and their network. Cooperation and community are the key, not marketing buzzwords for VC funded platform capitalists.

  6. Platforms, technology companies and corporations should not dictate the terms of distribution. Artists should retain all ownership and rights, be able to decide what, when and how they make their art available to the public, and the value of their art.

  7. We believe that co-ops are the future of an equitable internet. Technology must benefit all involved, not just shareholders or corporations. Building a worldwide network of co-operatives is an essential part of rejecting the destructive power of Capitalism and Colonialism within all our societies, working together towards a world built on justice, fairness and equality of the commons.

  8. Privacy, inclusivity and ethics are not after-thoughts. They must be built in by design, considered from the start and actively sought at every stage of development.

  9. Culture > Profit. Value cannot be reduced to numbers, follower counts, clicks or other metrics. Value is not just measured in public success or monetary worth. Art has a value to society and humanity that cannot be quantified or commodified.

  10. Active engagement in culture should be incentivised over passive consumption. Respect for artists should be built by giving them agency, as well as building real community and mutual strength together with their listeners and fans.


I find it pretty terrific sincerely. I need to figure if there’s anything non obvious that I would want to add but I’m not sure there is and either way, I’d be pretty proud to stand by that statement anytime anywhere. Thank you for your great work.


Outstanding. Strong, clear, explicit messages. Thanks @melis_tailored!


Love it. Especially point 5 & 7.