Website Check-In

@melis_tailored @Timothee I know you’re both busy with lots of other stuff, but I think it’d be good if we put something in the calendar to check in on where we are with the website, chat about what’s working, what’s not etc.

Let me know if this time works for you, or if you’d prefer some other way of checking in


Sure, but I’m not available at this date. 14, 15, 16 or 17 June would be better for me.


Sure thing. @melis_tailored do any of those dates (and the same time as in the event above), work for you?

14, 15 or 16 work for me

@melis_tailored @Timothee Ok, I’ve set this as 2021-06-16T10:00:00Z. You can download a .ics file from the Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.59.30 AM menu in the event in the first post if you want to add that to your calendar.


  1. Design
  2. Text (copy)
  3. Realistic Goals for the next month or so (perhaps even set a website epic)

Here’s the link to the almost final text on the simplified website.


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@melis_tailored @Timothee hey guys, I’ve just found out I have a Resonate #platform:community-credentials meeting with the EU (ESSIF lab) at this time tonight. It’s important for Resonate and I need to be there.

So we’ll need to move this meeting. Are you guys free one hour later?


Yes, that’s ok.

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Ok for me too.

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unfortunately, i won’t be available very long though. max 15 min

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Hey guys here’s a zoom:

@melis_tailored We missed you on the call, but no worries :slight_smile: . The focus here is on settling the #platform:epics for the new website launch.

@Timothee’s initial piece is to work out the delta between where we’re at and the design. See Implementing Hugo v1 Design - #8

Your piece, along with @richjensen and our other writers, is making sure we have the content finalised. Getting that finalised in the next 2 weeks is the goal. @Timothee’s piece is reliant on what content will be inserted, so it’s important we get that squared away.

Once we have a bead on both pieces we’ll write up a development #platform:epics, set a task list, set a time period and then execute. The end result of the epic will be the launch of the new website.


Sorry - I had it as 2pm (now).

I sent you both the link to the NEARLY finalised website text last week.
Here it is again.


Thanks :+1:

Let’s get it 100% ready for the new website launch. @Timothee will need a final copy to insert into the new design.

If possible, when ready, could you deliver it to @Timothee without markup, i.e. so it’s clear no more edits are required and what’s included.

@richjensen still has a few things he wants to tweak I think.

Yes, there are tweeks to be made but they are small - in the most part.
The body of the new text and pages are there - please do not get hung up on or wait for the final text.
The text will probably not be completely final up until launch… And in an ideal world, we should be able to easily update it after launch.


Ok, fair enough, let’s go ahead with what we’ve got currently.

@Timothee have a look over the doc once you’ve also looked over the design in detail and ask @melis_tailored any questions you have about the usage of markup.

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@Timothee @melis_tailored Once Timothee has settled on his list of tasks, and we’re 100% ok with the text being used in the live site, I’ll write up topic in the #platform:epics category describing this epic, i.e.

  1. What tasks there are
  2. What our goal is (launch the new website)
  3. What our timeline is (in month terms)
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