👋 Welcome - let's build a music streaming co-op

Hey, glad you’re here.

The mission is to build a new music streaming platform run democratically for the needs and dreams of artists, listeners, and workers. You want that too? Let’s make it happen. :fist:

Want to see what we’ve built? Check out Resonate Player v7. One project among many. This Community Forum is another – a place to hang out, brainstorm, build, and celebrate. :raised_hands:

Soon, we’ll have single login across Resonate. Until then, make a new forum account to post here. Introduce yourself and make yourself at home. This is our co-op after all. :handshake:

To volunteer, share ideas, give feedback, and more — scroll though the categories below to get a view of the landscape here.

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Check out the Co-op Handbook. It’s got the deep dive on how everything works around here.