Welcoming Hop to the Resonate Community Forum

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a second to welcome @HipHop78 to the Resonate Community Forum.

Hop is a hip-hop veteran and friend who contacted me today and let me know that he is willing to contribute both resources and direction to our processes at this crucial juncture, and I think it would be great if anyone with some more bandwidth this week could give him a mini-tour of sorts around the space, and also offer up an overview of how he can best support + tap in at this stage. Perhaps @brndnkng?

I’ve been speaking with Hop about Resonate for some months, so he has a general idea of what’s going on; I just think he’d like to know where he could best plug in at this stage.

@HipHop78, as you know, one big area we’ve been struggling around is resources, so any more help you can offer on the fundraising side is welcome. But we’ve also discussed various promotional media projects over the years that I think you could help us brainstorm on, and I think your feedback on some of our features would be helpful/useful as well; have always appreciated your capacity for imagining things beyond the present on the tech front (we need that).

Everyone, please give Hop a warm welcome to the space; @HipHop78, please feel free to share thoughts on whatever, wherever. And I’ll make sure someone can get on a line with you to let you know where things are at in a bit more detail.


peace @HipHop78, welcome!

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Welcome @HipHop78 it’s always great to see new people join in, hope we’ll have opportunities to chat and brainstorm together !


peace & welcome,

thanks @zetto.plus for building and making the connection! i’m more than willing to support + tap in, share my perspective w/ @HipHop78

@HipHop78 look out for a direct message from me and we can figure out when would make the most sense to link for an mini-tour/overview


Great! Pleasure to meet you. Look forward to building.


Pleasure to meet Ya’ll! Im here to help been meaning to do this for a min. I love the community side. I had no idea it was this type of set up. Forget Discord.