Welcoming @rorororo

peace all

I want to give a hearty welcome to @rorororo who came through today’s fundraising meeting.

a jack-of-all-trades eager to contribute on the communications / organizational side, ro designed the BSA site among numerous tasty credits. (also capable with motion graphics)

can someone provide ro with commenting or editing privileges in figma? (I can only offer ‘view’) @Timothee
Are there further design guidelines ( I see a logo area in figma… maybe that, and the work itself provides sufficient guidance?)
invite to dev telegram? @jackhajb @Hakanto
point the way toward any project management hub in place (@piper I heard you call out a suggestion for a project kanban at the github node Monday)

anything i’m missing?


Welcome, @rorororo! Grateful to have you here. The BSA site is incredible btw


Resonate’s Figma is an untended garden (and not so much in a charming way). @Timothee reawakened some work on there in Autumn 2021, but the space could use a caring soul to preen the weeds and make it a home for designers. It’s a valuable space where designers could turn the community’s Proposals and Platform #plans into blueprints for devs to work off of. Design is a missing piece here and I think Figma is likely the solution.

@rorororo I’ve given you the Editor design role.


I’ll pm you to get your Telegram handle for the dev chat.

Project management

We don’t have a firm system yet for project management on the Platform side. Recently @jackhajb and I have been exploring Zenhub and it looks promising; a natural fit since most of the dev work is currently represented as Github issues.

Beyond Github, the Platform area is a key space. I have been organizing materials in there, labeling them with tags such as #plans #user-stories #orientation #refined. More tags for exploring this area can be found via the main category view. Some materials are out of date or incomplete – these I’ve been labeling with #needs-refinement #needs-review.

If you have any questions or want to meet up, let me know! I should be free starting next Wednesday.


thank you @hakanto


I’m going to say this one time and one time only, and Ro is probably going to hate this, but:

Please do not take @rorororo’s time, labor, or involvement for granted ever in this space. I’m not saying this because it has happened to him, but because he is one of the most skilled, talented, and versatile contributors that we have at the intersection of tech, design, web development, animation, and radical spaces in the world right now. Period. And everyone in the co-op is about to see firsthand how serious that statement is.

I have worked with countless folks in these areas, and he, next to Imogen, is what I can only describe as a wizard and genius, and I do not use those words loosely. You only encounter a few folks like this in a lifetime.

I really, really just want everyone to understand that we are simply lucky to have him here at this juncture (in the truest sense of the word). The same is true of other volunteers who have stepped up on core things for the co-op and its future. Please just honor his time and honor his requests as he tries to help. He has plenty of other things he could be doing and places he could be with the whole bucket of skills he has (and it’s a very big bucket; you will see for yourselves), but he chooses to be here for the mission/ethos of the platform, like many others here.

Not saying this to gas anyone up, but to make it clear from the beginning that we’re dealing with an exceptionally heavy hitter who can pick up a lot of slack for multiple people within the co-op, just because of the skill levels. We need to help him and make his work easier wherever we can so that he can help Resonate.

It’s an honor to have another excuse to work alongside you again, @rorororo. Please check in with @brndnkng one-on-one when you got a moment as well (whenever he’s back from break).


you’re right @zetto.plus , I hate this, but as always, I appreciate the love and support. Definitely eager to collaborate with you, and all the talent we have here.

Looking forward to helping out wherever I can, Z probably would have a better idea where I could be useful immediately. My schedule is pretty flexible in terms of connecting for calls, etc. so please let’s setup whenever y’all are back (@Hakanto @brndnkng ).

Again, thank y’all for the warm welcome.