What are the co-op's end of year tasks?

What usual tasks need to be done by the Board between our Annual General Meeting and December 31st? I’m scheduling out our meetings for the rest of the year and want to make sure there is time to finish things up legally and otherwise by the end of the year, particularly in terms of Secretarial responsibilities.

@Nick_M @richjensen

Every year we need to complete our accounts, submit them to the membership for approval and external audit and then submit them to the registrar by 30th April.

The return to the registrar includes an update of the directors. (Any changes to the directors should also be updated on the RBO site at the time of the change).

As part of the preparation of accounts, a calculation of tax due is done and a tax return is made separately to revenue.ie for corporate tax.

(Note that when Resonate registers for VAT, quarterly returns will also be required.)

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