What features should playlists have?

Who are the playlists for specifically? Are artists able to make playlists of their works, or is it for users to make playlists of stuff they like?

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I’ve got your answer! And some relevant info about Profile Pages on Resonate.

An artist can make a playlist of whatever they want (same for all users), but in the present setup it wouldn’t display on their Artist Profile Page. It would display on their User Profile Page.

Each user (whether artist, listener, or label) automatically has a User Profile page on the Player. On that page, you can see a list of playlists that the user has made public.

Currently, these features are separated: an artist’s music appears on their artist profile, but any playlists they make appears on their user profile.

User Profile: Resonate
Artist Profile: Resonate

If an artist wanted to share playlists on their artist page, it would require some changes to the current design of the Player – but in my understanding, the tech behind the Resonate Player is quite flexible to these sorts of adjustments. This kind of feedback is really important to improve the Player before launch. I’ll invite @auggod to get into the details.

I feel it is ideal to have a design where an artist can choose whether or not they want aspects of their User and Artist Profiles “merged” on a single profile page. I know for me I’d enjoy having it all on one page: my own music, various playlists (some with my own music), and recommendations for artists and labels I like. Some Resonate designs worked on in the past look like this.

Just comes down to hearing what features folks want on their Profile Pages (or don’t want!) and makin’ it happen! :hammer_and_wrench:


Is there -or will there be- a way to delete a playlist? It’s relatively easy to create a new list by a misclick when actually attempting to add a track to an existing one.


I, as an artist want no part of playlists on user page merging with my artist page.

For example my playlist on my artist page would be primarily for highlighting some key featured tracks. Its my welcome mat for a new listener. “Here, these might catch your eye, welcome!”
As an artist it wouldn’t make much sense to have a lot of other people’s music on my artist profile as its not clear branding.
The only instance I could see this would be linked side projects in a play list. Like, “Here are related artist projects”. More over in many cases a playlist on a player would be album/EP based, and maybe a highlights reel.
This is an integral playlist feature from an artist standpoint, but forgive me, I am not sure if this exists presently? If artists want to make playlists like, “Who’s influenced me!” Or “These are my friends, this is who I am on Tour with!” That could be cool but it would be a more advanced feature for down the road? I really would suggest avoiding merging user and artist profile information. Bandcamp allows for this to be toggled on or off.