What "rooms" do you want here in the Forum to hang out in?

“Think of categories as rooms, topics as tables, replies as conversations.”

Howdy, Resonate member-owners – this forum is your co-op HQ: town square, clubhouse, union hall, garden, pirate ship, whatever metaphor suits you. Lately there’s been some talk about refurbishing the space a bit; trying out a new layout, messing with the design, etc.

I was just reading this article about setting up a Discourse forum (if this is your first Discourse forum, welcome!), and it featured a nice metaphor to describe how Discourse is set up.

Here we have different Categories set up. Within those categories, you can start a Topic to invite conversation on a particular… topic.

In the article’s metaphor, Categories are like different rooms. So we could have a room dedicated broadly to “Music” if we wanted (although that would certainly be huge room). Within that Music Room, folks could set up different Topics like tables to have a specific conversation around.

So here’s a question for you: if you could pitch any particular “room” for us to set up here in the forum to hang out in, what would it be called? Or pitch many rooms – go for it.

As I said, this space is whatever we all want it to be, so if you want to propose some renovations, let’s get that topic going.

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I would love to have a “Music Creation” room. What I would like to do there is learn about music creation, meet other music creators and aspiring music creators and collaborate with them.