What's needed for Member Rolls for the AGM?

For the member rolls we need, looking through the Governance Committee (private category, can we make it public?) posts:

I’m not sure what “KYC” stands for.

I think I can easily gather the other stuff, but I might have to change some code. Is that required for the AGM? I can definitely get the names and such for verification of votes. That’s easy.

One outstanding question I do have is how to get the Founder members list. @Nick_M @sganesh @peter do you all know how to do that? I assume it’s a static list.

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Re: KYC / what’s actually required in the member list aka share register


Last year I did a deep dive into old and new irish co-op law, brought what I found to the gov committee. @richjensen and I agreed that what is required in the list is the name of each shareholder (member) along with how many of each type of share they own (Listener Shares, Worker Shares, Music-maker Shares, Founder Shares).

Supporter Shares don’t need to be included afaik.

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@psi I’ve given you access to the founder member list. There’s nothing secret about it other than that it has founder members’ email addresses in it. Membership at the co-op is supposed to be a public matter

I think it stands for Know Your Customer and it’s a way for companies to validate your identity (i.e., that you are a person, not a bot).


Thanks for unpacking the actual acronym!


I’ve sent member lists to @Sam_Martyn and @simonfreund for updating emails to send out.

Since this is meant to be open anyway should I just post them here? Maybe without people’s e-mails?

I just realized that only members who’ve been members for more than 6 months should be allowed to vote in this AGM. Considering turnover here that seems like a really long time to me and if I had realized earlier I would have spoken to a board member about putting in a resolution to change that.

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26.vi. Clauses 27(i)-(iv) do not take effect until after the first AGM and until the Cooperative has more than 5000 members

Are there more than 5000?

No! I hadn’t seen that clause. This rulebook would be massively simplified if we cared less about how many members there are.

The rulebook is so complicated lol :nauseated_face:

this is helpful. i’ve been a member for 5 months and three weeks. i’m glad to know i might be able to vote. :blush:


I believe the relevant law directs that this information should be available for review on request, not necessarily published. Our previous Annual Reports (to the Irish Registrar) have listed numbers of members not individuals.

In the past anyone was welcome to attend the AGM and anyone with a Forum account could cast a ballot. At the close of voting, if necessary, the intention was to check the vote counts against a list of members. As it has happened over the last three AGMs, I think every resolution previously offered has passed unanimously so no vote checking has been required.