When can new labels upload music?

Hi just to follow up on this. Has any progress been made since last July? We were really interested in setting up out label on Resonate, and I have introduced the platform to others but nothing seems to be available.


Hi @wrongisland!

The short answer: Yes! The co-op has made important progress toward this goal since last July. However, we are not ready to take on labels larger than ~3 artists at this time.

The longer answer: Some important projects are underway that are related to this goal:

  • Currently: (1) Building a new User API that will allow our system to manage complex user and membership relationships between artists, bands, labels, and distributors. (2) Building a new ID Server that will allow us to move from our old website and data infrastructure. Completing these two projects will create a new foundation for Resonate, improving the platform’s independence, security and flexibility.
  • Testing Now: Our new Artist Upload tool, which allows an artist to self-manage an account, upload music, and check analytics.
  • Testing Soon: Tools that allow us to import catalog in bulk from labels and distributors and handle more complex metadata, in collaboration with Kendraio.

We should be able to bring on new labels efficiently when these projects are completed and all plugged into each other. The amount of growth the co-op will then be able to handle will really be incredible!

If you are interested in getting into the details, visit the Platform area of the forum to learn more and share your ideas. If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks for the support.