When following link to page on Player, arrive in logged-out state


When I click a link to a playlist or release on the Player, I arrive in a logged-out state even if I have a logged in session on another tab on the same browser. Perhaps this will be addressed by the implementation of the ID server.

Definitely should be fixed when we have the time. Following a link only to have to log in and re-navigate to the same page is a big interruption in music exploration.

@Hakanto Could you submit this on the player github? Thanks

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@Hakanto Can you also add details to reproduce the issue? Browser version, steps to reproduce (clicks) maybe a quick video…

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue yet. When I do login in tab and go to another tab where I wasn’t logged in before, the whole app rerender and even the player updates with full length track.

If I do log out and go to another tab where I was also logged in, it does not log you out immediatly because the cache kicks in.

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Will do. I’ll move the convo to github too