Where can I see my playcounts as an artist?

Maybe I’m missing something… but is there a play count? I had to make 2 accounts (one for listening and one for artist) but can’t see a play count in either for my track?

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@spalomino, welcome! Can you say a bit more about what you mean by playcount? Two possibilities come to mind:

  • Artist analytics: stats of plays of your own music

  • Listening plays: seeing how many times you’ve listened to a song on Resonate

Apologies, I meant the first.
It’d also be interesting to see overall plays on tracks overall like spotify shows.

An Artist Dashboard is in the plans, where you will be able to see such info and upload music directly. However it is not ready yet.

I’ll message you with a quick update of current plays and earnings. We can prepare a comprehensive earnings and plays report on request, but they take a bit to get done.

For more info see Earnings and payouts - Docs - Resonate Community Forum