Why is some of Resonate's code private?

I believe that nearly everyone at Resonate wants our code to be open-source. At the same time, some of our repositories on github aren’t public.

This has seemingly been one of the roadblocks to new developers taking initiative. Folks will be excited to create or improve a feature, however they occasionally will not have access to the code they need.

I’m curious why some of our repos (repositories) are open and others are private. Is it due to potential security risks? Business risks? An old practice we’ve never updated? Appreciate anyone who can offer some perspective and history on this.

Especially with few funding resources, it seems deeply advantageous to be an open book so volunteer developers can self-study.

Is our current privacy setup making it near impossible for anyone to reach the level of familiarity necessary to guide others? What are the next steps to create the sustaining culture of developers, reviewers, and maintainers necessary for open source platforms to thrive?

If it is essential that some repos stay private, can we give some of our dedicated volunteer developers the access they need so they may someday become reviewers and maintainers?

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Initially, Resonate was not open source.

Some repos are private because the projects are stale or only updated on rare occasions (wordpress template, v1 api ) and will be removed soon.

Upload tool, the tracks api and search api should be made public at some point but I feel like we should wait until we shutdown the wordpress.

I’d really like more help on the user api and id server.


Thanks for the reply @Aug.

The answer would appear to be, “No.”

Note, however, that visibility ends for problem reports for features implemented by those private repos once they are transcribed to GitHub’s issue tracking.

I have reported a couple problems with the Dashboard on the forum, and when the corresponding issues were created on GitHub, I couldn’t view the linked issue.

I don’t need to see the code, but it would be nice to see the status of issues being tracked.


My impression is that this is now weeks, not months, away.

Will be an awesome milestone!

Truly Resonate 2.0.